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Two Wrongs...

Posted by: Lady Logician

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On Sunday some so-called "pro-life" advocate decided that vengeance was his and he killed late term abortion provider George Tiller as he greeted guests at the door of the church that he attended. I would think it goes without saying that as a right to life advocate myself, I can not condone the shooters actions. I find the taking of this man's life to be as reprehensible as I found his "business". Taking an abortionists life is no more acceptable (to a pro-life advocate) than the taking of an child's life! I have written in these pages before that the taking of a life is contrary to Christian theology (which brings one to wonder about the church that Mr. Tiller attended) but just as his actions were against Christian theology, so to is the killing of this abortionist. Both men have many sins to atone and one can only hope that at some time before his life was ended, Mr. Tiller did repent of his sins - but that is not something that any of us here on earth will know any time soon.
All that said, to use the leftist logic that Bill O'Reilly is somehow responsible for the murder of Mr. Tiller is about as "logical" as blaming Code Pink or Cindy Sheehan for the murder of a military recruiter in Little Rock! Come on guys - can we please get real here.....

Girls Worse at Math?

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Of course not, and now the studies are catching up to prove it.  (Reuters)

As most of us can attest to, many differences between the genders can be attributed to biological sources, but as it turns out, math aptitude most certainly isn't one of them.

"She said no one disputes that at the average level, girls perform as well as boys mathematically. But at the top levels, disparities persist and some experts have said this is do to the "greater male variability" theory -- the idea that males in general are more likely to score both extremely high and extremely poorly on tests than girls are.

Or in Tim Geithner's case maybe that should read "out of my ass?"

In his speech, Geithner renewed pledges that the Obama administration would cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised "very disciplined" future spending, possibly including reintroduction of pay-as-you-go budget rules instead of nonstop borrowing.

"We have the deepest and most liquid markets for risk-free assets in the world. We're committed to bring our fiscal deficits down over time to a sustainable level.

The LME and I hadn't been to M&S Grill in a while so we made reservations for 7:30 Friday night. We brought a $33 bottle of Pinot Noir that was so forgettable that I already have forgotten the name. I should have stuck with my $18 stand-bys like A to Z.

I asked the waiter to recommend a cocktail and he said that the bartender makes a great Long Island Iced Tea, (he doesn't). We ordered Carpaccio, a bone in Ribeye for me and a petit filet for the LME. We ordered the bacon topped mac and cheese for a side. The steaks were great but the service was very poor. We might go back, but we'll be sure to get a different waiter.

Saturday we had our usual lunch at Figlio's. We tried to hit JJ's Dry Dock for dinner but they were closed. We decided to hit Harry's and I'm glad we did. We started with the Plowman's Platter for an app, but it could easily be a whole meal. I order the special, Crab crusted Mahi-Mahi and the LME ordered the Pot Roast. I had a Harry's Manhattan which was different but good. Harry's has a huge patio and I have decided to host the first Blogger summer smoker there on June 11th. Mouse has also selected Harry for our late summer Anti-Strib get together.

Here's an interesting sleight-of-hand letter to the Strib.

Apparently, it is case closed... waterboarding is full fledged torture.  Disturbing yet ineffective... and the rest of you can all shut up.

Waterboarding: Try it, you won't like it
Pioneer Press

Updated: 05/28/2009 06:28:26 PM CDT

It seems that our age is characterized by radio and television talking heads who pompously pontificate about subjects they know little or nothing about. Empty-headed opinion is generally the rule of the day.

The View From The Beach Chair

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(From an undisclosed tropical location) 

Well, I must say the immediate veiw is pretty spectacular.  Azure waters, string bikinis, beach volleyball with some coeds who seem to have forgotton to go home.  (Oh Carlos, would you please bring me another Mojito?  There's a good chap.)

Sadly, the news Stateside isn't quite as sunny.  Breezy, yes.  Sunny, no.  El Presidente' has managed to usher his second of the Big Three automakers into bankruptcy reorganization.  I've no doubt the brain trust at the UAW is simply giddy over that one.  I can't wait to see the new contract negotiations.

These are the Days of Our Lives

Posted by: Brent

It has now been 208 days since the Nov, 2008 election, and we are no closer to seating a second Senator, at least not without the losing side crying foul...and they wouldn't be wrong.

Yesterday I read in the Star Tribune that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is being sued over voter-registration records.  Apparently Minnesota Majority, a "traditional values" lobbying group, says that the state records are not up to date and there are more votes than there are registered voters in the Nov election.  The claim is that there are over 406,000 more votes then there are voters, and it seems that Mr. Ritchie hasn't been very helpful in trying to figure it out why they think that.  (The article notes that Minnesota Majority has some counties in MN with zero voters, which means that the "extra" 406k votes could be legit, but then why hasn't Mr. Ritchie help locate where the misunderstanding is?  Is he trying to hide something?)

Tomorrow (Monday, June 1, 2009) five of Minnesota's Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments whether problems with absentee ballots are minor or major issues in last year's election.  These five people will now determine if the lower court was right in giving the win, and the Senate seat, to Al Franken.

Debbie McLucas comes from a patriotic family – her husband and both of her sons served in the U.S. military, and her daughter is currently deployed to Iraq on her second tour of duty as a combat medic. Why is it now offensive to place an American flag in an office? I find it rather strange for a supervisor telling an employ that her flag was offensive to anyone. Especially to an emigrant to this country, if this fellow supervisor that shares miss McLucas office finds the flag of this country offensive perhaps she should reconsider living in a country that has such an offensive object as its fla How would you react if your supervisor came up to you, and told you that the flag you had put up was offensive to some one?


Posted by: A Non Y Mouse

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Here's my avatar-so far


Ben- I did see the one one on the fail blog#7.  No. 5 will be reworked. Below are the other options for an avatar, I considered. One is actually not a mouse but a weird small rodent called Jerboa. But hey-it looks like a cute mouse to me.

To all, feel free to voice which one you think  is the best option instead of my default one above.

Barry's happy experiment!

Posted by: Casual Reader

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Barry's happy experiment!


GM, the largest U.S. automaker, faces a probable bankruptcy filing by June 1 following the refusal of bondholders to accept a 10 percent equity stake in a new company, part of a U.S.- backed plan to give the American and Canadian governments equity ownership of as much as 69 percent and a 17.5 percent trust for unions. GM bondholders hold $27 billion in claims.
“The difference with GM is that, whereas the ‘bad guys’ in Chrysler were hedge funds, who Obama called ‘speculators,’ here they’re Main Street -- individual retirees who bought bonds when they were like gold bullion,” said Thomas Lauria, a lawyer with White & Case LLP who represents Chrysler lenders fighting that company’s U.S. backed reorganization. Lauria said he is seeking to represent GM bondholders in any bankruptcy of that company.
In the Chrysler case, the dissident debt holders disbanded 10 days after the company collapsed, citing political pressure that began when U.S. President Barack Obama criticized the group. Evan Flaschen, chairman of the restructuring department at law firm Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, said uncooperative GM bondholders may be less politically vulnerable.
Retirees Versus Retirees
“The story that hasn’t been told is, this isn’t GM’s union retirees versus the bondholders. It’s retirees versus other retirees,” said Flaschen, who isn’t involved in the GM matter. While Chrysler’s dissidents lost steam because they were forced to identify themselves and faced public stigma, including alleged death threats, GM’s opponents may be harder to criticize, Flaschen said. 

MN Dumming Down By Another Fraction

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Minnesota's must-pass math test goes by wayside

An 11th-grade state test -- many educators think it's too difficult -- has been shelved as a graduation requirement in Minnesota.

Here we go again, folks. Because scores are too low, they are no longer going to require juniors in high school to pass a math test that 8th graders could have less than 30 years ago.

"They had to do something," said Don Pascoe, director of research, assessment and accountability for the Osseo schools. "They [had] set an extraordinarily challenging target for individuals to meet in order to graduate."

The Inaugural BACON post!

Posted by: Badda

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Wake-n-Bacon Alarm Clock

I did try to run a search to see if anyone posted it at A-S 1.0, but it hiccoughed.. so I apologize if it's been posted before. Regardless, it's awesome, so what does it matter?

Letters to the Strib: Underrepresented?

Posted by: Badda

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A letter to today's issue of the Star-Tribune addresses' President Obama's Supreme Court nomination.  They accepted a pro-letter and a con-letter... so this is not necessarily a complaint about the left-leaning Strib.  Just the letter in question.

I am thrilled to hear that President Obama nominated a Latina to the Supreme Court. Latinos are the largest minority group in the United States and yet have been unrepresented. If Sonia Sotomayor gets appointed, Latinos will finally a powerful voice in American politics!

I hope Sotomayor does as much for the Latino community as Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall did for the black community.

Why Islam Sucks Part 290

Posted by: Sequel

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From Asia News:

Dhaka (Asia News) - Rahima Akter, a woman from Noagon (Daudkandi sub-district, eastern Bangladesh), was mercilessly whipped until she lost consciousness after she dared to file a paternity claim against a married man with children. A fatwa ordering that she be whipped 100 times was issued against her by a local Islamic judge for "false testimony". For human rights activists, the case is but another example of "social discrimination against women" based on the failure to implement laws that protect them and the overall lack of gender equality. After her public ordeal the single mother was taken to the Dhaka Medical College for medical treatment.

"Arbitration in my daughter's case began at 8 pm on 22 May. The Mawlānā chaired the committee," Rahima's mother, Rasheda Begum, told AsiaNews. "She [the daughter] explained that she started an affair with Abdul Karim, who is married and father of three children. As a result of their relation, my grandson Ramzan was born."

The young mother tried without success to get him to acknowledge paternity and this led to an arbitration hearing, which was held in the village madrassah or Qur'anic school.

"There were 200 to 400 people," Rasheda Begum said. "My daughter swore on the Qur'an that Karim was the father, but he strongly denied it. He, too, took an oath."

The arbitration council then ruled that the man was right, based on the Islamic legal principle that the testimony by a man is worth more than that of a woman. Therefore, Rahima was found guilty of perjury and was sentenced to be whipped 100 times.

The sentence was carried out right away, but the young woman lost consciousness after 39 blows. Her parents took her away but the conditions of the young woman were so bad that she had to be hospitalised.

Village leaders also warned the family not to file any complaint with the police, or they would suffer consequences.

Another glorious example of Islamic law in action. He says - she says; so flog the woman. Just another instance where the insane ravings of a lunatic mass murdering camel caravan robber are used to brutalize humanity a millennia and a half later.
Such a great religion for thugs, woman haters, and pedophiles.

Island News

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt

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Don't forget Le Select's 60th Anniversary. The celebration will run through the weekend of November 6-8, and the highlight - in addition to lots of cheeseburgers and beer - will be a concert by the bistro's biggest fan, the one and only Jimmy Buffet.

Le SelectAdding to the excitement that weekend, a number of jazz artists - including Hall of Famer James Cotton and his band - will be on the island for the Blues in St. Barth Festival November 5-8. We'll have the complete schedule next month.

Hot Chick Friday (Lesbian Edition)

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt

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What just went down and why

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt

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I figure I owe the readers an explanation about what just happened and why.

As I noted a few weeks ago Jim W and I were talking about the sad state of the blog and what to do about it. We both had tried everything we could to improve it but nothing was working. We figured killing it was the best solution. I put a note out Monday and planned to kill the sucker that Friday. At this point, I expected it to die and so did everyone else.

I immediately got quite a few responses asking me not to kill the blog. I also found out that the Anti-Strib had a much larger following than quite a few other blogs. I decided to do some research to see if it would be possible to build a blog that allowed me to fix the problems of the old blog. I quickly found out it was possible. I them quietly contact the secret Star Chamber that actually get some input on how the blog is run. I asked if it could be fixed did we want to do it? I got a resounding "Yes!" from everyone. (Remember, they didn't want to kill it in the first place.)

I also have to admit that the headlines of the last week were just too tempting. Obama admits we're broke but wants to spend more on socialized medicine? California is broke and might cut off all welfare payments. MN is broke and the DFL got their asses handed to them by Pawlenty and a small band of Republicans. Obama picks a racist for the Supreme Court and no one cares? It just goes on and on, with more and more dream stories I thought I'd never see. (OK, I knew a liberal race-pimp would get picker for the court, but do we want a Supreme court justice that describes herself as a "Latina"?) You can thank Obama's crushing incompetance for the resurection of the Anti-Strib.

Efficiency is Patriotic

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt

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There is another problem I have with biking as a primary means of transportation, is that it is inefficient which I feel is un-American. I know that a few people are confused as what could be more patriotic than an individual pedaling alone to work? But America is great not only due to individualism, but also for our ability to reject old notions and accept new ones.

One of the greatest assets of our economy has been its flexibility. Americans, much more then Europeans, have always been ready and willing to change. Liberals want us to become less flexible and more rigid. They want us all to live near LRT and bike paths. They despise the flexibility that roads give to Americans allowing us to live, work and shop anywhere we want.

Biking is a big part of the liberal dream to restrict the freedoms of Americans. If you can only afford to bike or take mass transit to work, your job options are severely limited. This not only reduces the pay of the individual, it also reduces the productivity of our society.

Some have asked why I ridicule urban bikers so mercilessly. Apart from the fact that 75%+ of them are complete jerks that deserve to die, I also have 2 practical reasons and one philosophical reason to oppose this sweaty band of bicycle seat sniffers.

The first and second reasons are related to safety.  If you have ever spent any time working in body shop you’d know that the best description for our daily commute is a very large game of bumper cars. Each and every day drivers run into other drivers. The vast majority of the time the car is the only thing hurt. This is because the drivers are all wrapped in tons of steel. This daily game is ruled by laws of physics in which mass and momentum are the ultimate arbiters of winners and losers.

After hitting the body shop, stop by your local hospital. They will show you the damage that drivers inflict on each other each and every day. Don’t forget to hit the morgue before you leave. You can see that even when surrounded by tons of steel, drivers regularly hurt, maim and kill each other. Bikes are particularly ill suited to play on this field of battle. They give no protection at all from the inevitable accidents that occur with stunning regularity.

Selectively Liberal Minnesota

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MN Disabled Vet PlateMN WWII Vet Plate


I recently felt the necessity to send a question or two to our lovely Minnesota Department of Public Safety, concerning a source of befuddlement to both me and Aunty.

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