Several influential New York lawmakers have received threatening emails saying it is “time to kill the wealthy” if they don’t renew the state’s tax surcharge on the millionaires, according to reports.

“It’s time to tax the millionaires!” reads the email, according to WTEN in Albany. “If you don’t, I’m going to pay a visit with my carbine to one of those tech companies you are so proud of and shoot every spoiled Ivy League [expletive] I can find.”

“How hard is it for us to stake out one of the obvious access roads to some tech company, tail an employee home and toss a liquor bottle full of flaming gasoline through their nice picture window into their cute house,” wrote the author of the email.

The email references terminology that has been used in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement - that of 1 percent super-rich exploiting the remaining 99 percent of Americans. The angry message demanded that Albany politicians “stop shoveling wealth from the lower 99% into the top 1%” and “set aside your ‘no new taxes on anybody’

The New York surcharge on the wealthy is set to expire at the end of this year, and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans oppose continuing it. Under the surcharge, passed into law in 2009, individuals earning $200,000 or more pay one percentage point more in taxes, and those earning $500,000 or more pay a rate that is 2.12 percentage points higher than those earning less than $200,000. Less than 3 percent of New York households are affected by the surcharge.

“You’re going to do [renew the surcharge], or we are going to sow the kind of choas [sic] you are unequipped to deal with,” the email said. “And you’re going to find yourself in a country where you and your wealthy friends are gonig [sic] to be hunted.”

State police told the New York Daily News that they are aware of the email and are investigating the incident.

Forget any ranting about the Fed, Goldman Sachs or Bank of America, this email shows what the left really wants, Violence. They hate those that have more than them and they plan to either tax it, steal it or destroy it.

This is the face of the modern left today. Currently a significant number of Democrats are supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. I expect that they will soon regret that.

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written by Nobody , October 06, 2011

Go read up on the French revolution. Not good.

written by Elmer , October 06, 2011

Want to bet that some major financial support to feed and house and transport the demonstrators is coming from George Soros and other Move-On types? Hell, maybe even Solyndra money is going there. I suspect this is a way to divert attention from the complete ineptitude of the Obama administration. I will wait patiently for Obama to denounce the demonstrators and call for civility. But I'm not holding my breath.

Step by step.
written by Sequel , October 06, 2011

Start out with a few dozen stinky hippies.
Get some press.
Make announcement that this is the new American "revolution".
Other leftists, Unions, their tools, and whitehouse notice.
Soros, throws money.
Unions bus in "protesters"
Axel-slease gins up the astroturf machine.
Press is excited!
People who work downtown are pissed off that the dirty scum are in the way.
Public yawns, shake collective heads.

Other stuff happens
Unda-pants gnomes do stuff
More other stuff happens.

America falls!
Commies take over!

Barthélemy Barbancourt
One small issue
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , October 06, 2011

So far Steve Jobs have kept these nutjobs off the news and along the way other things will until they become old news, or do something to make the news.

Americans will move on and forget these losers or turn against them when they turn violent.

written by TomC , October 07, 2011

You can confiscate all the wealth, the stocks, bonds, cars, homes, boats, and planes, for the Forbes 400 and tally only $1.3T--enough to run the country for 130 days.

You can take 100% of the profits from the Fortune 500 companies, $400B, and run the country form 40 days.

You can take 100% of all income earned over $250K, $1.4T, and run the country for 140 days.

Overtaxing the rich is insane. The money is not there to run our current bloated government.

These people, unemployed social science and liberal arts majors, have no connection with reality. And the union influence doesn't help.

written by TomC , October 07, 2011

By the way, hat tip Neal Boortz on the numbers, though I verified them with the IRS, Forbes, and Fortune.

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