Why we rail aginst the MMGW assholes

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Some people think that we should support reductions in "greenhouse gases" regardless of whether MMGW is true or not. They ask why people like me rail so hard against what they see as harmless environmentalism.

After spending nearly $4 billiShell, EPA, icebreaker, drillingon exploring, Shell Oil has been told it cannot start drilling for an estimated 27 billion gallons in the country’s most remote place — because a boat it uses might pollute the air. The Environmental Protection Agency’s appeals board denied permission for the Anglo-Dutch company to drill in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska’s northern coast, Fox News  reports.

Shell did not take emissions from an icebreaking vessel into consideration when calculating so-called greenhouse gases from the project, the board said.

WHAT THE FUCK?? Shell has invested $4 billion and is being denied a permit because enviro-asshole didn't like the number they gave for their mythical greenhouse gas study?

This is why our economy and our contry are fucked. MMGW is fucking lie being used by anti-business tree hugging cock-suckers to stop anything and everything. These people are pure evil. They know Americans need oil, but they don't care. They know $5 gas will cause grievous harm to countless people, they don't' care. Just as they know that ethanol increases the number of people that starve to death every year, they care more about their causes than actual human beings.

This is why I will always despise the environmental movement and every stinking hippie asshole that supports it.

Fox News reported the appeals board has four members, all Democrats, including Kathie Stein, whom it described as “an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund.”

This is why sane Americans have concluded that Democrats are anti-America jackoffs that need to be voted out of office ASAP.

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Jay Duggan
Hypocrite Greenies
written by Jay Duggan , April 26, 2011

I want to see all the greenies who whine about MMGW abide by the following before they can bitch:
1. Live in an 800 sq ft or smaller home
2. Reinsulate and have a high effieciency furnace and water heater in their home to save energy
3. Get rid of the dishwasher. Waste of electricity and water.
4. Sell their car and use only mass transit. With proper location and planning one can do it.
5. Stop using plastic based products that are not recyclable.Waste of oil.
6. Get rid of the flat screen TV. Uses more juice than tube tv's.
7. Power down and restart com-puter everytime they sign off. Sleep doesn't count.
8. Grow their own vegatables to save on transportation and feltilizer costs and waste
9. Add to the list.

Why? If you haven't done these things you are not serious and just want everyone else to suffer a reduction in standard of living to make your crap dream come true. Just like taxes, they will not pay more, if they pay anything. The libs just want someone else to pay for their dream and lazy unmotivated lifestyle. If I was Dayton I would rescind the property tax refund and whack all welfare 10% across the board and reset the budget baseline by that 10%. Problem solved, and as for the greenies all I hear is whine, whine whine, and blah, blah, blah. They can't whine about gas prices at least because it's their fault.

jk noreen
Time for direct action
written by jokin , April 26, 2011

Fox News reported the appeals board has four members, all Democrats, including Kathie Stein, whom it described as “an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund.”

So let me get this straight- four unelected Dem bureaucrats can stop a $4bil. good faith effort by Shell to jump through the byzantine hoops that the EPA puts up to prevent development of our natural resources?

My proposal is simple, since these Dems have regularly demonstrated themselves to be cowardly wienies when the opposition to their authority belch some vague threat under their breath, Kathie Stein and the rest of this bunch- and their political allies- should get the Karl Rove/Scooter Libby treatment 24/7. Peacefully demonstrating in their face for about a week, and I bet they fold like the house of cards they truly are.

jk noreen
written by jokin , April 26, 2011

"Problem solved, and as for the greenies all I hear is whine, whine whine, and blah, blah, blah. They can't whine about gas prices at least because it's their fault. "

Oh, I wish it were true. Amy Klobuchar has been on the "blame it on the speculators" ever since she took office. http://klobuchar.senate.gov/ne...id=299598& She started down the fascistic financial "cop on the beat" meme years ago.

With Kloby coming up for re-election next year, isn't it time for the Repubs to start the offensive against this incompetent Obama rubber stamp?
She was ineffective (to put it kindly) as Hennepin County Attorney and was pushed along- backed by her power base at Dorsey & Whitney- as she, affirmative-action-style- rose to the US Senate, where she has been Obama's girl and has demonstrated little understanding or leadership in how to grow jobs in MN (except public employees). Her complete misunderstanding in how global commodity markets work was just reiterated by her a couple months ago, as she continued attacks on "oil speculators" somehow being the culprits instead of Obama's disastrous direct ("green" power, drilling bans, etc) and indirect(dollar devaluation)energy policies.

I wonder if Amy would speak out on Obama's support for Brazil and Cuba to fast-track their own drilling programs?....crickets....

This Empress has no clothes and must be exposed as such, however distressing that visual might be.

This is a seat that can be taken with the right candidate and message- no more Emmers on the statewide ticket! (Is Cravack ready for prime time? Bachman?)

As wishy-washy as T-Paw was as guv, if he would have contained his presidential wanderlust and run once again, MN, with a Repub.-controlled Legislature would be well on the way far past the NJ/WI levels of reform and MN would now be leading the states in the economic recovery. For starters on the energy front: 1).Dedicating state gas taxes to roads only and, 2). Stopping the choo-choo rail madness in its tracks, once and for all.

written by DANA CARRINGTON , April 26, 2011

Who is John Galt?

written by Woody , April 27, 2011

Where is John Galt? How does one see this movie within a 30 mile radius of home? Hopefully the producers of this film can rent some theatres locally before this thing tanks completely. I'd like to see it but I'm sure it won't be nearly as good as the book. The reviews have been less than enthusiastic.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
West End
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , April 28, 2011

Atlas Shrugged is playing at a variety of theaters, the closest to me being the theaters at the West End in St. Louis Park.

I am stunned and amazed that liberal reviewers have panned the movie. The movie made over $5,000 per screen on it's opening weekend and now tons of theaters are scrambling to get it.

Tons of theatres?
written by Woody , April 28, 2011

It's currently showing at 8 theatres in the Twin Cities. 3 of these are Drive ins! Sounds like quite a scramble. Anyway, if the weather continues to SUCK, maybe I'll head to West End and check it out. Thanks!

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