Why foreign aid almost never works

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I added almost as civilized countries like Japan do have the culture and infrastructure to utilize what little aid they need after major catastrophes.


AP Exclusive: Food aid for starving Somalis stolen, UN agency investigating

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Sacks of grain, peanut butter snacks and other food staples meant for starving Somalis are being stolen and sold in markets, an Associated Press investigation has found, raising concerns that thieving businessmen are undermining international famine relief efforts in this nearly lawless country.


The U.N.'s World Food Program acknowledged for the first time that it has been investigating food theft in Somalia for two months. The WFP strongly condemned any diversion of "even the smallest amount of food from starving and vulnerable Somalis."

Underscoring the perilous security throughout the food distribution chain, donated food is not even safe once it has been given to the hungry in the makeshift camps popping up around the capital of Mogadishu. Families at the large, government-run Badbado camp, where several aid groups distribute food, said they were often forced to hand back aid after journalists had taken photos of them with it.

Somali is a festering shit hole. Somalians don't even care enough about their own people to feed them. The only way this shit hole will ever stop being a shit hole is by being taken over and run by a western nation. That is not likely to ever happen so save your charity for a society that actually has a chance.

"While helping starving people, you are also feeding the power groups that make a business out of the disaster," said Joakim Gundel, who heads Katuni Consult, a Nairobi-based company often asked to evaluate international aid efforts in Somalia. "You're saving people's lives today so they can die tomorrow."

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written by TomC , August 16, 2011

I the only thing I disagree with here is the use of the word businessmen in the "thieving businessmen" statement. They are thieves and thugs, not businessmen.

Most of Africa is a sh** hole. Is this due to Western control for years? Most of these places were colonies at one time. I don't think so, but it is a point that is been brought up when discussing African disarray.

Despotic governments with western support have existed since those colonial days. We cannot just look the other way. Can we?

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