What just went down and why

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I figure I owe the readers an explanation about what just happened and why.

As I noted a few weeks ago Jim W and I were talking about the sad state of the blog and what to do about it. We both had tried everything we could to improve it but nothing was working. We figured killing it was the best solution. I put a note out Monday and planned to kill the sucker that Friday. At this point, I expected it to die and so did everyone else.

I immediately got quite a few responses asking me not to kill the blog. I also found out that the Anti-Strib had a much larger following than quite a few other blogs. I decided to do some research to see if it would be possible to build a blog that allowed me to fix the problems of the old blog. I quickly found out it was possible. I them quietly contact the secret Star Chamber that actually get some input on how the blog is run. I asked if it could be fixed did we want to do it? I got a resounding "Yes!" from everyone. (Remember, they didn't want to kill it in the first place.)

I also have to admit that the headlines of the last week were just too tempting. Obama admits we're broke but wants to spend more on socialized medicine? California is broke and might cut off all welfare payments. MN is broke and the DFL got their asses handed to them by Pawlenty and a small band of Republicans. Obama picks a racist for the Supreme Court and no one cares? It just goes on and on, with more and more dream stories I thought I'd never see. (OK, I knew a liberal race-pimp would get picker for the court, but do we want a Supreme court justice that describes herself as a "Latina"?) You can thank Obama's crushing incompetance for the resurection of the Anti-Strib.

At this point I hadn't decided to keep the blog so everyone still thought Friday was the end. I shopped for a blog designed and discovered a local group that everyone agrees is the best. They sent me a quote and I swallowed hard and agreed to have them build the new Anti-Strib. The island design and theme are my ideas but everything that you don't see that makes this actually work is all them. (References available for those thinking of outsourcing your blog)

As promised, I killed the Anti-Strib 1.0 Friday and quietly let a few people know that 2.0 was in the works. This week the shell of the new blog was up and I decided to go "live" this weekend to work out the bugs and give everyone a chance to learn the new format. The Grand Opening is Monday June 1st. I hope that we have most things working by then.

I appreciate your patience and following us to our new homes. The goodbyes you read were real as almost no one had any idea what I was doing until after last Friday. I also like to think that we can get a fresh start here and try to forget some past insults and grudges.

Ed has always pointed out that my style of writing is incendiary, well so was Hunter S. Thompson's. That doesn't mean we have to insult each other while discussing the issues. I don't mind adult language, but I do want us to be more civil to each other. I was hesitant to edit AS 1.0, I will actively edit and delete here.

I think we lucked into a good core of posters and commenters but we needed to get some additional rules and standards. I hope this leads to a bigger and better blog because if it doesn't I wasted a boat load of money!

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Please don't kill my bayby
written by Sequel , May 29, 2009

I never wanted it dead.
I was very sad when informed of the untimely death of an old friend.
Thanks Douche for breaking out the paddles and shocking AS back to life.

Think of it as rehab
written by Kermit , May 29, 2009

Heck, Captain's Quarters moved to Hot Air. Even the venerable Power Line had a makeover. Yeah, that's it. Extreme Blog Makeover. With hot lesbians.

I thought you'd blink
written by Elmer , May 29, 2009

Duke, I wondered how you'd stop the blog when the news is popping and the major media are dead silent on almost all issues. Hell, Korea might explode and the asshole press is more interested in a 13 year old illiterate shaman dirt-worshipper from Sleepy Eye. You're also exactly right about how foolish the DFL looks (always have, but especially right now). And don't forget how Cheney shook Obama...you could write about that for weeks.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
NK vs. Putin
written by Il Duce’ , May 29, 2009

Yeah, I have mixed fellings on the idea of a nuclear exchange between NK and Russia. It is a terrible deal for SK, but NK, Russia and China all deserve it, especially China.

You are correct about the press. The Obama Whitehouse staff is now mad at the UK press becasue they aren't the complete lapdogs that the US press has become.

And don't get me started on inflation, the money supply or the double dip recession/depression that is headed our way thanks to Obama. At least Bush's stimulus gave us a bump. Obama Wasted $1.8 TRILLION for nothing. That is amazing.

written by Tom Searles , May 29, 2009

Welcome back!

written by auntypsychotic , May 30, 2009

thank you.

will try to play nice. promise.

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