What I Did on my Summer Vacation

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I painted a target on my chest and chose to become one of the Anti-Strib contributors. I have been commenting here for several years and enjoy the generally intelligent banter.

I moved to Minnesota from Georgia 8 years ago to a left-leaning area from a right leaning area; from a racially diverse area to a more ethnically diverse area; from an area where at 5am the only talk on the rural AM dial would be religious to a more urban area that has a variety of talk choices--I am a talk addict from "Car Talk" to political to sports and it is intolerable to my wife of 30 years; from an area where my kids grew up and consider home to an semi-empty nest situation; from an active Libertarian Party member to an occasionally active Republican Party member; from a home with 2 creeks in the middle of 30 wooded acres to the burbs.

I am an atheist who has read the Bible and goes to church with my mom when I visit. I value organized religion and enjoy religious philosophy. I love Christmas season, sing carols and hymns with feeling, and despise fanatical atheist who attempt to deny religion symbolism in our society.

Thanks to Jim and all the other douches for the invitation

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written by Kermit , September 03, 2010

Let me be the first to say
Fuck you and how are the kids?

I'm glad we've got someone better looking than Jim W posting now. After Brent left, JW of MN hasn't had a single thrill go down his leg.

written by TomC , September 03, 2010

That's a rather unsettling image. I haven't met Jim in person yet, but I am now picturing him with Chris Matthews head -- yuck!!

written by Kermit , September 03, 2010

Yeah, you met him at the Mansion a few years ago. Summer.

 tim-The Dyslexic Blogger
written by tim-The Dyslexic Blogger , September 03, 2010

Hay Tom welcome to the trenches watch out for the low life the rats scurry around here a lot. Hay Kermit I had noticed that Brent had not been a round for a bit now what happened his work really pick up or just got tired with the poo f lingers?

written by Kermit , September 03, 2010

Don't know Tim. Brent didn't provide a valedictory.

JW of Minnesota
written by JW of Minnesota , September 03, 2010

Thanks Kermit, and fuck you, how are the children, Tom? I suppose you got roped into being the Town Hall leader also; and now this happens. Shit like that happens when you offer intelligent commentary.

I always enjoy reading your comments and often learn something from your points. Best of luck and hope you also get to enjoy posting.

Jim W
written by Jim W , September 03, 2010

Hey, there he is! Welcome aboard Tom! Fuck you, how are the kids??

Yep, we did meet a few years back. and I'm with JW - always impressed with your commentary.

written by Sequel , September 03, 2010

Fuck you.
I'd ask how the kids are; but I don't really give a shit.
Welcome ya douchebag.

written by TomC , September 03, 2010

The kids, cats, and dogs are fine. And I'd say fuck you, but I don't swear. May Nancy Pelosi smile on all you children.

Congrats On Your Promotion!
written by Hans , September 03, 2010

Well, Tom, they sure did a great joy shitting on your first thread....

Only, Tim, did not address you from the gutter...

I have enjoyed many of your excellent posts and hope to read many more...

written by Kermit , September 04, 2010

Psst, Hans. FU and how are the kids is a tradition here. It is aboslutely the only instance where someone's children are ever mentioned by another. Trust me, it's not a bad thing.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Congrats Tom
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , September 04, 2010

I have met one of your kids so I know She's great.

Enjoy the abuse.

Ed Salden
Good Luck
written by Ed Salden , September 04, 2010

and all the best, Tom.

written by kow , September 04, 2010

Well fuck you and how are the kids!!! I've enjoyed your comments as well, and from the looks of your picture, you're gonna fit in just fine.

 tim-The Dyslexic Blogger
written by tim-The Dyslexic Blogger , September 04, 2010

I was at work for a machine that is monitored for language and such dang government contracts have some very stringent rules about words. So i had to tone it down

written by Badda , September 04, 2010

Greetings and fuck-you-tations, Tom. Good to see you in the line of fire. smilies/wink.gif

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