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The LME and I hadn't been to M&S Grill in a while so we made reservations for 7:30 Friday night. We brought a $33 bottle of Pinot Noir that was so forgettable that I already have forgotten the name. I should have stuck with my $18 stand-bys like A to Z.

I asked the waiter to recommend a cocktail and he said that the bartender makes a great Long Island Iced Tea, (he doesn't). We ordered Carpaccio, a bone in Ribeye for me and a petit filet for the LME. We ordered the bacon topped mac and cheese for a side. The steaks were great but the service was very poor. We might go back, but we'll be sure to get a different waiter.

Saturday we had our usual lunch at Figlio's. We tried to hit JJ's Dry Dock for dinner but they were closed. We decided to hit Harry's and I'm glad we did. We started with the Plowman's Platter for an app, but it could easily be a whole meal. I order the special, Crab crusted Mahi-Mahi and the LME ordered the Pot Roast. I had a Harry's Manhattan which was different but good. Harry's has a huge patio and I have decided to host the first Blogger summer smoker there on June 11th. Mouse has also selected Harry for our late summer Anti-Strib get together.

I relaxed for part of Sunday reading a new book, How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis. Mr. Dennis is a very entertaining writer and expect to see some quotes from the book popping up here. The first one that caught my eye was "If it flies, floats or fornicates, rent it!" Mr. Dennis admits to dabbling in the oldest profession for a time.

We had a late lunch at moto-i to check out their roof top patio. It's very nice and the apps at moto-I are excellent. I ordered a Saki flight and ice tea and we split the Ramen Noodles, Karaage and Lotus Pork Buns.

We then had a late dinner at The Black Forrest Inn. We sat on their non-smoking outdoor patio (Fucking Nazi Bastards!). The LME and I split a bottle of Winkeler Rieseling. I order a corned beef sandwich and the LME had the Deutchbuger Casserole, our guest had Schnitzel.

All in all a very good food weekend. M&S was good but the server had some severe ADD. Moto-I is very cool and we'll probably have the July smoker on their patio. The Blackforest Inn is the same as ever, the no smoking rule on the patio pretty much rules them out for a summer spot. Harry's is a great place and we're going to try and alternate Friday dinners between there and Ruth's Chris.

Let me know if you want to include the prices or skip them in future reviews. I find them helpful, but some people get pissed when I post them.

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Mmmm, Bacon
written by Kermit , June 01, 2009

Bacon-topped mac & cheese sounds pretty good. I would imagine it to be baked, but what blend of cheese would work best with bacon? Cheddar is obvious, but unimaginative. An aged Swiss would be almost required.
This could be a great thread in and of istelf.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Cheddar & Parmesan
written by Il Duce’ , June 01, 2009

It was quite good but the bite of the Parm got old after a while. I prefer the creamy goodness of Velveta.

written by Kermit , June 01, 2009

"It's colby, swiss and cheddar, blended all together..."

Velveeta, eeewww
written by Elmer , June 01, 2009

A mellow cheddar is called for, but not Velveeta. That's a synthetic polymer with a low glass transition temperature, unworthy of the title "cheese".

Might I suggest an aged fromunda?

i perfer my bacon chocolate covered...
written by Ben , June 01, 2009

and Conan said he'd bring the Tonight Show to the state fair for a week if he can get his weight in choclate covered bacon (interview on Kare11 tonight before the debut). Lets make it happen.

A Non Y Mouse
U Bastard!!!
written by A Non Y Mouse , June 01, 2009

I'l be on a plane in Vegas June 11th! Cheers to your Graduation and negotiate a deal @ Harry's for the Fall! PLZ?

I'll a Vegas Restaurant review when I get back. I've dined at an Italian restaurant, The "Tuscany Italian Cafe". @ the Tropicana, and The "Mon Ami Gabi" @ Paris Paris twice. The "Tuscany Italian Cafe." Lastly Tsunami Asian Grill & Sushi Bar (now CLOSED)@ the Venitian.

if it doesn't have to be refrigerated,
written by auntypsychotic , June 01, 2009

it's NOT cheese

A Non Y Mouse
Macaroni and cheese!
written by A Non Y Mouse , June 01, 2009

I've made it from scratch once, staring with a rue, and $$$$ cheese. Had it with white truffle oil, big whoop theresmilies/shocked.gif.
Now with the bacon....I would be so tempted to top it off with ketchup and some salt. Good comfort food.

A Non Y Mouse
RE:Prices posted - do not offend me, but tell me what to expect.
written by A Non Y Mouse , June 01, 2009

It helps people know what to expect, denote the dress code, and over all value in comparison to the "brand" of what is served.
EX: I wouldn't pay 8.00$ per glass for Barefoot White Zinfandel or common barrel draw of George DeBoeuf - for that matter. I would feel ripped off. OR 3.00 for an unrefillable plain soda fountain drink.

If readers perceive your bragging about your "extravagant lifestyle," perhaps... say "for pricing check out the website listing @ www. Blabla.com."

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