Unions Kill Jobs

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These days, what would a firm that outsourced 400,000 U.S. jobs be called? The answer: labor union. Monday's Canada-Colombia free-trade pact is its masterpiece.

Leo Gerard, the proudly Canadian president of the United Steelworkers Union, is one of many who ought to stand up and take a bow.

He and his fellow Big Labor union bosses loudly opposed the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, using their political muscle to keep the already-negotiated deal on ice in Congress and the White House for nearly five years.

Not only will 250,000 high-paying American export jobs not be created — as estimated by the U.S. International Trade Commission — but nearly 400,000 American jobs will actually be lost too.

That's what a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study found if the U.S. failed to pass its free trade pacts with Colombia, South Korea and Panama — valued at $13 billion in total trade — while other nations signed their own.

And now, it's happening.

Besides Canada going live with Colombia free trade on Aug. 15, the European Union put its own free trade deal with South Korea into force last July 1. In just six weeks, Europe's exports to Korea have shot up 16%.

The big loser? Us. As in, U.S.

Unions are like many liberal fantasies, they may look good on paper, but the reality is a job killing nightmare.

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written by TomC , August 17, 2011

The unions are still complaining about NAFTA, which I think (in ObamaSpeak,) saved or created millions of US jobs. The unions only see the jobs created in Mexico, and doing what the zero-summers do, see those as lost US jobs. The don't see the lower prices for all, the jobs created here, nor the stability and hope, slight though it may be, brought to Mexico.

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