This is why thinking people support Concealed Carry Laws

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The robbers jumped a 61-year-old ex-Marine, but he was armed and managed to fire several shots

The Uptown robbers struck again Tuesday night, only this time their victim was armed, police say.

Edward Curtis, 61, who described himself to police as an ex-Marine, fired several shots at a group of men who attacked him as he got out of his car near his apartment, according to police records. Curtis thinks he may have struck one of the men, said Minneapolis Police Lt. Mike Fossum.

"He had just parked his car in the parking lot," said Fossum. "These guys blitzed him. They just started kicking his ass. He managed to get off three rounds."

The suspects, one a heavyset Hispanic man and another a thinner Hispanic man, ran off but may have been injured, police said.

Their description and M.O. match that of three other violent robberies that took place in the past few days, all of them within a few blocks of each other in Uptown. The latest attack took place Tuesday at 9:43 p.m. in the 2500 block of Pillsbury Av. S., just a few blocks to the north and east of the other incidents.

The saddest part about the left is that they will refuse to admit when they have been proven wrong. MN CC law has saved far more lives than it has cost us, yet the leftist still won't admit that armed law abiding citizens are the way to go. It's almost like they are on the side of the criminals.

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jk noreen
Hmmm, what seems to be missing here?
written by jokin , May 12, 2011

No mention in the article about the new proposed CC law and no obligatory comment from the police about the victim ex-Marine facing possible charges for having the temerity in defending himself with a handgun, especially when "help was on the way".

It's obvious that the Marine was no help to the story, so they quoted the witness dweeb, instead, who wouldn't even consider employing the means to defend himself, but instead will cower in his apartment after dark. Pathetic.

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