This assumes that Obama even cares

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I think he couldn't care less about businesses. He's a socialist at heart and thinks socialism is the path forward.

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written by Woody , June 06, 2011

You forgot that he is also intentionally destroying this country. You left out the biggest far right talking point Bart. If you're going to be deceptive about President Barack Obama at least have all your ducks in a row..

Barthélemy Barbancourt
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 07, 2011

I have had discussions with people that think Obama is intentionally destroying the USA and they have some very valid points, but I don't think Barry is really that bright. His arrogance coupled with his radical liberalism indicate to me that ignorance of capitalism and belief is liberalism is what is driving him to make the decisions he is making.

Just look at one decision, the drilling ban in the gulf; anyone with a brain knows that is killing jobs yet Barry O'dipshit keeps the ban in place and then blames businesses for not hiring? You can hire when the government has banned your business.

See, he isn't doing it intentionally, he's really just that fucking stupid!

written by Nobody , June 07, 2011

Stupidity combined with arrogance, what a combo.

written by Woody , June 07, 2011

The President lifted the ban on oil drilling in the Gulf Bart and Australian company BHP is currently producing 17,000 barrels of crude oil a day from a new well it has drilled and developoed in the Gulf. Barry O' Dipshit?? I think you need to do your homework before throwing childish names out on this little blog of yours Bart. "Arrogance coupled with radical liberalism" LMAO!!!!

written by Woody , June 07, 2011

Here's the link from WSJ Bart.

written by Woody , June 08, 2011


JW of Minnesota
crickets sleep and eat....
written by JW of Minnesota , June 08, 2011

That's good progress. But uncertainty can be more stifling to business than regulations and taxes. It's my opinion that uncertainty is what's crippling growth in this economy.

The indecision on dropping/keeping the ban was not doing any favors for business investment in the area.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Bobby Jindal disagrees
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 08, 2011

I'll believe the Governor of Louisiana more than a President that wants $7 a gallon gas.

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