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Wake-n-Bacon Alarm Clock

I did try to run a search to see if anyone posted it at A-S 1.0, but it hiccoughed.. so I apologize if it's been posted before. Regardless, it's awesome, so what does it matter?

Description from the inventor:

"An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon.

WHY: No one likes to wake up, especially by an alarm. This clock gently wakes you up with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of Mom cooking breakfast. Unless you're Jewish.

HOW: A frozen strip of bacon is placed in Wake n' Bacon the night before. Because there is a 10 minute cooking time, the clock is set to go off 10 minutes before the desired waking time. Once the alarm goes off, the clock it sends a signal to a small speaker to generate the alarm sound. We hacked the clock so that the signal is re-routed by a microchip that in responds by sending a signal to a relay that throws the switch to power two halogen lamps that slow-cook the bacon in about 10 minutes."

Now, this is an alarm I could actually grow fond of,  if it wasn't for the need to get up to throw another piece of bacon in it for the snooze to work!

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wake to bacon
written by auntypsychotic , May 30, 2009

This is too cool but I can see at least one drawback; no way my dog is gonna let me use the snooze alarm. Come to that, she will beat the shit out of me to get to the bloody clock.
Still, it would be great for those who love bacon and are not so encumbered.

Me??? Really?
written by Badda , June 01, 2009

I posted this?

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