The death of evil and stupid organizations

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Americans have seen what Unions are all about and they have decided that the time has come to kill these corrupt organizations. Americans should never have experimented with these un-American collectives.

Republicans Maintain Control Of Wisconsin Senate 

Just as 45,000 of Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) wireline union workers go on strike, the ILEC reported that it had to fix at least 12 issues in four of its Northeast states since Saturday and after the strike began on Sunday night.

Among the incidents were two instances of fiber cuts in the Bronx, Pomona, Farmingdale and Gilderland in New York, and stolen electronics in Cedar Grove, N.J. affected a local police department.

"These acts of sabotage are reprehensible," said Verizon Chief Security Officer Mike Mason. "In addition to inconveniencing our customers, these deliberate disruptions of our network have affected hospitals, paramedics, fire fighters, law enforcement and other first responders."

Union members care about no one but themselves. They hate the companies that employ them and the customers that support them. This is why the teacher's unions must be crushed.
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