That's Racist!

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It seems that Obama has done one good thing for this country. The saying "that's racist!" is now a punchline and not to be taken seriously.

For instance, when a character on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" explains to a co-worker how to do laundry, he says, "OK, so you always separate your lights from your darks."

She responds, "That's racist."

But what's the joke? We don't find out until a 14-year-old-boy says it plainly: "I think I or other people just sort of do it as a way of mocking people who are overly sensitive about race issues."

It's also a common joke among conservatives, precisely because we're used to being called racists for the weirdest things. If I write on Twitter something about how I don't like "Obamacare," some fellow right-winger will immediately respond with some variant of "that's racist!"

In a country where we have a black president and anyone that questions anything about Obama's past, job qualifications or job performance is called a racist, the joke is now on the accuser. Any discussion of any color is now racist, which puts the tired over used phrase right where it belongs.

Now how to we get "you are a Nazi" to be funny?

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Barthélemy Barbancourt
The liberal world view
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , July 06, 2011

Bobby Q. Grill Wrote:

I don't care for Barack Obama personally. Not only do I despise his policies, but regardless of whether he's a faithful husband and engaged father, I can't stand the contempt he has for service members, the police, and successful business people. I am therefore a racist. The respect I have for Allen West and Herman Cain not to mention Sowell, Williams, and Cosby doesn't matter because they are not real African Americans.

I don't like Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons. That makes me a chauvinist pig. My admiration for Palin, Bachmann and Coulter doesn't matter since they're not real women.

I can't stand Anthony Weiner or Debbie Wassermann-Schultz. Obviously I am anti-Semitic. My liking for Jonah Goldberg, Joe Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu is irrelevant since they're not real Jews. Especially that Netanyahu.

Copied from the comment thread.

Ed Salden
written by Ed Salden , July 06, 2011

Bobby Q Grill, supreme whiner.

written by Sequel , July 07, 2011

All those independents who voted for Obama and are now abandoning him are all newly minted racists. The only reason anyone would vote against Barry is racism.

Bobby Q Grill, supreme whiner.
written by Sequel , July 07, 2011

The man can cook though!

JW of Minnesota
written by JW of Minnesota , July 07, 2011

Maybe voters in 2012 will decide less on the magical and surface qualities of the man and more on accomplishments and viewpoints.

Less voting just because I had to vote for the first black president, or voting because I think he's going to pay my mortgage. Race will probably play zero influence in 2012.

written by Badda , July 07, 2011

Get your effing shinebox.

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