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written by Barry , June 08, 2011

The very best part of Weinergate is not that Anthony was caught lying through his teeth multiple times on national TV. The best part was how people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (aka Sargent Shultz) in the past had gone on and on about Mark Foley but then tired to support Tony only to wind up having to eat a huge pile of steaming hot dung. Especially funny was the way Larry O'Donnell rabidly defended the liar (like he does all dem lairs i.e. Edwards) only to have that hot plate of dung smeared on his face on national TV. You can't buy entertainment like that.....

written by Woody , June 08, 2011

Barry - Your fixation with eating dung is troubling to say the least.

@(Weiner's) Woody
written by Barry , June 08, 2011

Hey Woody: They are what they eat after all.....feeling hungry??

Jim ross
written by Jim ross , June 09, 2011

Someone that doesn't view the world strictly through liberal/conservative goggles needs to create a moral character database for politicians and categorize it by party. That way we could truly figure out which party has more douche bags. I'm not talking about politicians that just got caught doing something douchy, I would include ALL politicians and just judge them on their level of douchiness.

As an experiment, let's look at some recent presidents.

Obama -- Crazy-ass righties do everything they can to paint him as the Anti-Christ, but most reasonable people say he's a good guy.

Bush II -- Lefty commies equated Bush II's bad policies with douchiness. I don't buy it. Just because your policies suck doesn't always make you a bad person. Most sane people felt Bush was a cool guy.

Clinton -- Cheating on his wife, bitching at staff, being a major pain in the ass during the '08 campaign. Clinton was a major douche.

Bush I -- By all accounts, a good dude.

Reagan -- Another good dude. He seemed so laid back and friendly that critics used it against him.

Carter -- A good dude.

Ford -- I don't know much about Ford, but I haven't heard anything that makes me think he was an asshole.

Nixon -- Major douche and a big-time asshole.

LBJ -- Nixon times 1,000. One of the biggest douches and assholes in the history of our country.

JFK -- Womanizing and other questionable tactics make JFK a douche.

You get the idea. So by my count, over the last 10 presidents, four have been douches. Three in a row came consecutively (JFK, LBJ, Nixon). Three have been Deomocrats, one a Republican.

The last time we had an asshole for President was Clinton and our country prospered. In 2012, should we just vote for the candidate that acts like the biggest jerk and cheats on his wife?

Barthélemy Barbancourt
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 09, 2011

Was a nice guy and set off 20 years of growth. Clinton was a douche and did OK.

Reagan studies economics before Keynes was published or popular. Clinton got help from the collapse of the Soviet Union, a Republican congress and the internet boom.

I want a guy that really understands economics and business, being a honest guy is a bonus.

Given the choice of a nice socialist and a douche capitalist, I'll pick the capitalist.

Jim ross
written by Jim ross , June 09, 2011

Ok. This is why the list needs to be compiled by someone who doesn't view the world though liberal/conservative glasses. Right away, you're trying to turn this into a Reagan/Clinton debate.

I don't care about effectiveness. I just want some sort of concrete evidence about which party has more douche bags! Once the data is compiled, we can debate what it means.

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