Tell the truth about Islam and get vilified

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A leading FBI analyst who gave a lecture last year criticizing mainstream Muslims has been caught on camera giving a second presentation urging agents to 'forget Al Qaeda' and 'go after the Death Star' of Islam.

The Bureau's William Gawthrop was recorded making the 'dangerous' remarks to an audience of over 60 law enforcement officials during a counter-terrorism seminar in New York three months ago.

Gawthrop's presentation in June told the audience that the fight against Al Qaeda is a 'waste' compared to the threat posed by the ideology of Islam itself.

Gawthrop goes on: 'If you remember Star Wars, that ventilation shaft that goes down to into the depths of the Death Star, they shot a torpedo down there. That’s a critical vulnerability.'

During the presentation Gawthrop then waved a laser pointer at his projected PowerPoint slide, highlighting the words 'Holy Texts' and 'Clerics.'

He then adds: 'We should be looking at, should be aiming at, these.'

Poor Mr. Gawthrop, he will be roundly vilifed for stating thr truth about Islam and the sources of Islamic terror. If we aren't watching the clerics and looking out for the seeds of jihad, we are wasting our time.

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