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These are the Days of Our Lives

Posted by: Brent

It has now been 208 days since the Nov, 2008 election, and we are no closer to seating a second Senator, at least not without the losing side crying foul...and they wouldn't be wrong.

Yesterday I read in the Star Tribune that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is being sued over voter-registration records.  Apparently Minnesota Majority, a "traditional values" lobbying group, says that the state records are not up to date and there are more votes than there are registered voters in the Nov election.  The claim is that there are over 406,000 more votes then there are voters, and it seems that Mr. Ritchie hasn't been very helpful in trying to figure it out why they think that.  (The article notes that Minnesota Majority has some counties in MN with zero voters, which means that the "extra" 406k votes could be legit, but then why hasn't Mr. Ritchie help locate where the misunderstanding is?  Is he trying to hide something?)

Tomorrow (Monday, June 1, 2009) five of Minnesota's Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments whether problems with absentee ballots are minor or major issues in last year's election.  These five people will now determine if the lower court was right in giving the win, and the Senate seat, to Al Franken.