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Reading the walls at Jimmy Johns

Posted by: Jim W

Tagged in: Wealth , Bacon

Just as I do every Wednesday night, I had dinner with the not so little W's last night.  Now 15 years old, and Sophomores in high school, I can no longer call em "the little W's".  :)  We decided upon Jimmy Johns as our dinner destination.  They do make a mighty fine BLT, if you ask me.  Aside from the tasty subs that came so fast you'll freak, we also got a kick out of reading some of the signs that hang on the walls in there.  One caught my eye, and thought I'd share it...

Warren Buffet's 10 Secrets to Wealth and Life

The Inaugural BACON post!

Posted by: Badda

Tagged in: Bacon


Wake-n-Bacon Alarm Clock

I did try to run a search to see if anyone posted it at A-S 1.0, but it hiccoughed.. so I apologize if it's been posted before. Regardless, it's awesome, so what does it matter?