Strib Letter to the Editor: Waterboarding

Posted by: Badda

Here's an interesting sleight-of-hand letter to the Strib.

Apparently, it is case closed... waterboarding is full fledged torture.  Disturbing yet ineffective... and the rest of you can all shut up.

Waterboarding: Try it, you won't like it
Pioneer Press

Updated: 05/28/2009 06:28:26 PM CDT

It seems that our age is characterized by radio and television talking heads who pompously pontificate about subjects they know little or nothing about. Empty-headed opinion is generally the rule of the day.


Waterboarding is a current controversy. Although waterboarding has been considered torture for more than 100 years, commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Erich Muller and others casually dismiss it as harmless, acceptable and lawful behavior.

But to his credit, Muller, a host on Chicago's WLS radio, confidently volunteered to actually be waterboarded. He lasted a total of six seconds. Yes, six seconds before he panicked, quit the ordeal and instantly admitted that it was definitely torture.

He said he was shaken up for two days and admitted he would have told his interrogators anything they wanted to hear.

When it comes to torture, the rule is, try it, you won't like it.

Tom Hammond, Woodbury  

That's a familiar name.  We've seen it before.

This guy doesn't bother to define torture, provide context for his "100 years" comment, and apparently doesn't care to accurately quote the people he demonizes.

Tom Hammond claims Rush Limbaugh (and others that Tom Hammond considers to be the same) considers waterboarding as harmless... then he mentions how a guy undergoes waterboarding and confidently claims it is torture and that he was pretty spooked for two days.

Any chance, Tom, that you might try to use the same language and measure with the same standard?  Can you try that some time, please?

Christ, reading letters to the Star-Tribune from Tom Hammond qualifies as psychological pressure.

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Barthélemy Barbancourt
They do lots of things I wouldn't enjoy
written by Il Duce’ , June 01, 2009

If the terrorists don't want to be waterboarded, stop trying to kill people.

Not quite the point
written by Badda , June 01, 2009

But Duke... this isn't about whether or not our guys got useful information the three times they used it. It's about a continuously disingenuous guy who repeatedly plays sleight of hand with information in print.

SEAL Training
written by K-Rod , June 01, 2009

Should Obama be charged with torturing US citizens?

Volunteering for Torture
written by Dougie_D , June 02, 2009

K-rod, obviously you know that people willingly submit to torturous activities that would be considered torture if done against your will.

Answer the question!!!
written by K-Rod , June 02, 2009

Is waterboarding torture or not? Yes or No.

Not yes or no
written by Badda , June 02, 2009

What makes it torture? What makes it not torture?

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