Spencer Abraham has the Right Idea.

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On Michael Medved's program today, Spencer Abraham, former energy secretary, was touting his new book, "Lights Out!: Ten Myths about (And Real Solutions To) America's Energy Crisis."  I have read other articles by him in the past and look forward to his book.

One of the things he has recommended in past articles, is building 50 nuclear power plants in the next 20 years. To Medved, he spoke highly of Carly Fiorini (R-CA) and John Hoever (R-ND), candidates for the US Senate, as being knowledgeable and realistic on energy issues. In addition, Abraham recommends a strong renewable program.

Safety (non-)concerns and storage problems of spent fuel could and should be dealt with. In "Recycling Nuclear Fuel: The French Do It, Why Can�t Oui?," there is a discussion of how the US developed the technology for reprocessing spent fuel rods that most of the rest of the world is using but has been banned here since 1977.

"Over the past four decades, America’s reactors have produced about 56,000 tons of used fuel. That “waste” contains roughly enough energy to power every U.S. household for 12 years. And it’s just sitting there, piling up at power plant storage facilities. Talk about waste!"

The Chinese are building like crazy with 36 nukes planned or operating and more to come. The long-term economic damage that is being caused by the Obama administration may take years to overcome. To not have the energy infrastructure to build on when the government has finally given business the room to grow would be devastating.

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Barthélemy Barbancourt
Thank Jimmy Carter for that mess
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , September 08, 2010

He banned the breeder reactors needed to re-use the fuel.

written by Hans , September 08, 2010

The real question is, which will last longer, nuclear waste or the waste created in WDC?

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