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I recently felt the necessity to send a question or two to our lovely Minnesota Department of Public Safety, concerning a source of befuddlement to both me and Aunty.

Last year, when we went to get tabs for the Blazer fondly known to us as Ezra, Aunty asked about the requirements for obtaining disabled veterans plates. She is a veteran, and is most certainly disabled due to her service. She should qualify, yes? Oh, no, no, NO! We were informed by the decidedly dim, somewhat burned out adn fully mechanical employee behind the counter that she must show her membership card to the Disabled Veterans of America (DVA).

Now mind you, this organization is NOT a government sponsored, affiliated, or subsidized group. It is a fraternal organization that requires membership dues from its voluntary members. They do not certify any disability, and cannot even certify that a member is indeed a veteran, except as a stipulation being met to become a member of this fraternity.

Again, we were confounded by this anomaly when we got new plates for both Ezra, and my Jimmy, fondly known as (Whatever happened to Baby) Jane. I started to think about this oddity, and what may have precipitated this requirement, so I went to the MN DMV website, and read the requirements as they post them for these plates. Turns out the lady was misinformed in that the DVA isn’t the only organization accepted as a requirement:


  • American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Disabled Veterans

>To qualify - the applicant must be a member of the veteran service organization and at the time of application, must submit a copy of his or her membership card or the application may be signed by the Commissioner of Veteran Affairs. Disabled Veteran plates do not offer disability parking privileges unless the owner also meets the criteria established for disability plates. If the vehicle owner meets the criteria for disability plates, they may obtain DAV plates with the disability emblem in place of one of the numbers in the plate number sequence.

I checked every other type of veteran plates available and ONLY the disabled veterans plates also require one to belong to a non government fraternal organization to qualify, or have it signed by the Commissioner of Veteran Affairs..

The “Proud to be a Veteran” plate does require a one time donation to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which IS a governmental department, and not a fraternity, but all the others only required proof of service for that particular plate, such as Combat Wounded, Vietnam Vet, WWII Vet, and even a Global War on Terrorism Vet plate. Seventeen different veterans plates available and only the Disabled Veteran plate extorts those who want those particular plates to join a non-governmental CLUB in order to qualify.

I think it’s a lot like requiring me to join the Girl Scouts in order to qualify as being a girl.


I sent letters to all the members on the Senate Transportation Committee concerning this, pointing out the obvious fact that they are being discriminatory to the disabled veterans in this state by requiring them to jump through more hoops than any other veteran to get a licence plate that displays their service and their sacrifice.


MN Laos Vet Plate

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written by MoonliteSonata , May 29, 2009

I wrote to a whole bunch of people in the senate. I've heard back from 3 so far, and have even gotten a phone number for Tom Evans, the Special Plate Unit Supervisor for the state of Minnesota from Sen. Rick Olseen, District 17.
This is WAY more action that I expected for less than 24 hours! A couple of others wrote back, surprised at the disparity, and assurances they will pass it on to those on the proper committees, will look into it themselves, etc. All in all, I'm fairly pleased with being HEARD!

Thank You, Moonbeam.
written by auntypsychotic , June 01, 2009

Ya just gotta love my keeper, don'cha?

The legacy of Franz Kafka lives on.
written by auntypsychotic , June 01, 2009

" We were informed by the decidedly dim, somewhat burned out adn fully mechanical employee behind the counter that she must show her membership card to the Disabled Veterans of America (DVA). "
What was so frustrating about this was that this government chairwarmer in perpetuity simply kept repeating her programmed response. Over and over and ooooooover. As if repeating it would make it less stunningly stupid.
An appeal to her sense of logic was met with a blanker stare than a deer in the headlights or a liberal faced with a positive bank balance. It just didn't compute.

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