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From today's Star Tribune, read this gem:

"From its birth in the 1940s, the DFL has been the anti-property-tax party."


Please, don't shit in my hat and tell me it's gold. Suddenly every liberal county commissioner and local government official in Minnesota is without blame for their actions. County governments spend money like it's going out of style.

Next, the wonderous editorial board finds additional revenue sources:

"The state's too-narrow sales tax base could be expanded. Tobacco and alcohol taxes could climb."

Tough shit if you live in Hennepin or Ramsey county: your sales taxes to support lame sports teams  aren't high enough. If the current 75% tax on cigars isn't enough for them, what is?

The is the most recent blatant example of the Editorial Board's fascination with carrying water for the DFL party. I don't get it, but please don't piss in our heads and tell us it's raining.



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written by TomC , June 03, 2011

I'm quite sure the heavily Communistic influence on the Democrat-Farmers-Labor party, despite the resistance of the HHH types, has made the DFL contrarian to anti-any-tax stand.

I find it interesting that whenever TPaw, and now the Rep-controlled legislature, talk about cutting or not raising any state taxes, the DFL and their media call this a property tax increase.

I've got news for the DFL and the Strib. The state and local/county ta authorities are different governments. One should be relatively independent of the other. If this is not the case, and with LGA it hasn't been, then they should be.

I have proportionally more say with and influence over a local government than I do over the state. I have less over federal, but have more control over my home and my self governance. Each level is and should be distinct. If I do not like a home, local, or state that governs me, I can move to a better situation.

That is why the hierarchy exists and why government influence over or lives is upside-down and so out of whack. The federal government has far too much power over our lives.The tax structure is crazy. We should be paying the higher taxes locally, less to the state, and lesser still to the feds.

But I digress. I heard a statistic this week, though I cannot remember where so consider it heresay, that over 97% of all companies in the US are those which report their income and pay their taxes on an individual's return. Over 80% of all private jobs in the US are from those S-type companies. Those are the targets for income taxes "on the rich."

The Strib is a DFL newspaper and always will be. The blogosphere is the only place you can go for information to offset the MSM. Al Franken and Amy K want control over that too.

offset the MSM????
written by Woody , June 03, 2011

Are you referring to offsetting views presented on FOX news and talk radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I'm confused by all the right wing trashing of the MSM or LSM for the Palins. Fox news is the most viewed news station in the US and Rush/Sean are the #1 and 2 listened to talk shows in the US so what is this MSM offset you are referring too?

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