A morning in the life of an average American.

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt in Blog on Sep 29, 2011

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The average American wakes up dry, warm bed in a temperature controlled home that he owns. He gets up and showers in hot and cold running drinking water and thinks nothing of what happens to the water as it heads down the drain. He then walks into his closet and picks from a wide variety of shirts, pants, shoes, socks and underwear all clean from the washer and dryer in his home. He then heads down to the kitchen to the refrigerator to have some fresh cold Wisconsin milk with his Columbian coffee and Brazilian banana.

After breakfast he goes out to his heated garage and drives his late model automobile on paved roads to work. He walks from his car to his climate controlled office, sits down in front of his flat panel monitor docked to his laptop and accesses the internet.

The top story of the day is about Hugh Hefner and his three 20 something girlfriends and his first words of the day are “My life sucks!”

Bart's Notes: I assume you see where I am going here. What am I missing? What would add more punch to this piece? Should I try to calculate how far up the food chain the Average American is? Would it more interesting if I made the guy me and added some personal details?