What would you do?

Posted by: TomC in Blog on Sep 28, 2011

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Jokin' wrote:

"Seriously, that ex-MN simpleton, Thomas Friedman got the ball rolling by publicly sharing his own personal wet-dream- imagining- having the authoritarian power of the Chinese Communists- for just one day- to right all the "wrong" in America."

So what would you do, for the USA--not for you alone, if you had absolute power for a day. I would wager that a libertarian would do a few things dramatically differently than someone on the far left.

I think I would start by repealing the 16th and 17th amendments--both of which would remove power from the federal government; reinstitute a gold standard--removing power from the Federal Reserve; disband a few federal departments--firing a shitload of federal employees; outlaw or curtail a few government unions; institute a 2 consecutive term limit for federal offices; just to name a few things</span>