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As someone once laid off from a job, I feel tremendous compassion for state employees who were thrown out of work by the government shutdown. Losing a job is horrible. Losing it because politicians won't work together is maddening.

The trouble with layoffs is you never know how long they will last. The sudden loss of income produces more anxiety than most people can imagine.

What gives me hope for the state workers is the layoffs are temporary, their benefits remain intact and they may be back on the state's payrolls soon. Their absence makes me all the more appreciative of their service. They won't recover the funds lost, and it's a shame that they're paying the price for the political folly.

That said, I'm grateful for the governor's unwillingness to add to the financial burden of the middle class to protect the tax status of millionaires. I'm hopeful that in the next election voters will recognize the need to oust politicians who put extremist ideology above what's good for the state.

Hang in there, workers.


Jesus is this a self-centered liberal or what? Few can imagine the impact of the sudden loss of income? What planet does this asshole live on? Private sector workers have been shit canned by the millions and he's worried about the state workers that have a temporary layoff?

They really are freaking clueless.

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written by TomC , July 18, 2011

It would equalize things if the public-sector employees who, with benefits, are paid 20% more than similar private-sector employees would be forced into unemployment, preferably planned to ease their pain, for 21 weeks a year. This to bring their salaries to 20 less than the similar private sector employees which is where they should be.

Yes, I am evil for even suggesting such a thing. But, every public sector job, plus the administrative overhead, has to be paid or by those similar private sector jobs.

I saw a post last week stating that government work forces are 37% unionized and growing whereas the private sector work forces are 7% unionized and decreasing. This explains much of what is wrong with the salaries and the growth of governments size and scope--as well as the increasing burden on the private sector.

President Obama, as well as Governor Dayton do not seem to have any concept of the realities that governments' size and scope have to be paid for by the private sector. All public sector employees are a drain on government revenues. As such,those jobs ought to be limited to those functions that only government should be doing and not what the private sector can legitimately provide.

written by Woody , July 18, 2011

Whose they Bart. Your not lumping people together again based on one persons words are you? Susan does not speak for me or all Liberals for that matter. She speaks for herself. She is addressing the state worker issue related to the government shutdown and not dismissing private sector workers as you suggest. I think you may be assumng too much in this post Bart. Feel free to call Susan out if you must but leave the rest of the "Liberals" out of it. Thank goodness the shutdown is over and state workers will be back on the job once the details are worked out. It will make this private sector workers job that much easier. Welcome back and get to work you have a backlog to catch up on!

Barthélemy Barbancourt
No shit!
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , July 19, 2011

Freaking client has risk management issues up the ass and they have their CE cert at risk and they expect me to fix this shit?

All I want to do is drink a cool cocktail and finish "Great Expectations" I'm curious about what happens to Pip.

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