Our Affirmative Action President

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Ted Rall's cartoons and opinion pieces were all the rage when he was attacking George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and American soldiers.

But now that there's a man in the White House the press absolutely adore, the once syndicated polemicist claims he's having a hard time getting anyone to publish his work:

In the past, editorial rejections had numerous causes: low budgets, lack of space, an editor who simply preferred another creator's work over yours.

Now there' s a new cause for refusal: Too tough on the president.

I've heard that from enough "liberal" websites and print publications to consider it a significant trend.

A sample of recent rejections, each from editors at different left-of-center media outlets:

· "I am familiar with and enjoy your cartoons. However the readers of our site would not be comfortable with your (admittedly on point) criticism of Obama."

· "Don't be such a hater on O and we could use your stuff. Can't you focus more on the GOP?"

· "Our first African-American president deserves a chance to clean up Bush's mess without being attacked by us."

I have many more like that.

What's weird is that these cultish attitudes come from editors and publishers whose politics line up neatly with mine. They oppose the bailouts. They want us out of Afghanistan and Iraq. They disapprove of Obama's new war against Libya. They want Obama to renounce torture and Guantánamo.

Obama is the one they ought to be blackballing. He has been a terrible disappointment to the American left. He has forsaken liberals at every turn. Yet they continue to stand by him. Which means that, in effect, they are not liberals at all. They are militant Democrats. They are Obamabots.

The leftists that run the nations newspapers have collectively decided that Obama can't be held ot the same standards as GW Bush. They are the true racists in America today.
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written by Woody , May 18, 2011

"The leftists that run the papers are the true racists of today" OK Bart, whatever....LOL

Barthélemy Barbancourt
So how do you explain it?
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , May 19, 2011

They call any criticism of the President of the United States racism. They refuse to run poltical cartoons that they themselevs agree with because it could hurt Obama.

The press is guilty of the racism of low expectations. They don't think black Obama can take the criticism that they dished out to white Bush. That is pure racism.

Bill C
written by Bill C , May 19, 2011

The left in general is guilty of the racism of low expectations. They don't think the black man (inclusive) can make it in a white dominated society without assistance from the government (affirmative action).

As far as the press? I don't think they feel he can't take the criticism, I think they're just blatantly biased and not willing to criticize THEIR guy.

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