One small step in creating more jobs

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It is now the biggest step forward in 2011 for property rights and small business in the nation, as it pertains to the use of perfectly legal tobacco products at the state level.

The Nevada legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval has now made law – and history – by allowing free standing bars and taverns that wish to serve food, and allow for smoking, to do so. As long as they don't allow for those under 21 to enter, small businesses that had been suffering since the passage of the 2006 statewide smoking ban can now begin growing, again.
Small businesses like that owned by Jimmy and Stephanie Minchey that bought a bar and grill in 2006. It came with a full kitchen, walk-in cooler and freezer. There was room for a full kitchen staff. When the Minchey's bought Five Star Tavern, it was doing $30,000 in food sales per month.

After the smoking ban took effect, business dropped by 90%. They cut staff. Lost jobs for Nevada . Lost revenue for everyone. The Minchey's, which own three establishments, now intend to spend $10,000 per location, and hire back four to six employees. Owner Jimmy Minchey noted, “We'll be able to make offers to those employees immediately.”
The process began on May 20 with the introduction of AB 571 from the Assembly Ways & Means Committee. It was advanced by the committee in the closing moments of the 2011 legislative session. Making it through the committee process, then by the full Assembly and Senate, it was signed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on June 17. It's a great lesson and model for others seeking to advance the interests of small business, economic growth, and property rights.

Here is just one small example where getting rid of useless government regulations creates jobs.

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At least
written by Nobody , June 20, 2011

Somebody in NV gets it.

written by TomC , June 21, 2011

It's a shame it came to this. But like the 18th and 21st amendments to the constitution, prohibition and the partial undoing of that, this only partially addresses the problem. It only partially returns rights to owners. These laws should never have been passed--and I am a non-smoker who appreciates walking into a smoke-free bar or restaurant.

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