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Fire trucks and concrete mixers, semis, heavy-duty pickups and all trucks in between will, for the first time, have to trim fuel consumption and emissions of heat-trapping gases under new efficiency standards being announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama.

The White House says the standards the president was announcing will save businesses billions of dollars in fuel costs, help reduce oil consumption and cut air pollution. The standards apply to vehicle model years 2014 to 2018.

Senior administration officials said the new targets affect three categories of vehicles.

Big rigs or semis will have to slash fuel consumption and production of heat-trapping gases by up to 23 percent. Gasoline-powered heavy-duty pickups and vans will have to cut consumption by 10 percent, or by 15 percent if the vehicles run on diesel fuel.

It's the second round of fuel efficiency standards in the past month.

Last month, Obama announced a deal with automakers to double overall fuel economy to 54.5 mpg by 2025, starting in model year 2017. Cars and light trucks now on the road average 27 mpg.

That followed a 2009 deal committing cars and trucks to averaging 35.5 mpg by model year 2016.

Here are just two examples of the job killing regulations that the Obama Administration has endlessly churned out over the last 2 1/2 years. These new standards will raise the price of trucks, probably higher than any protected fuel savings. They will make it more expensive to do business, this increasing inflation and causing more job losses.

This guy is completely clueless.

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written by Woody , August 09, 2011


True this will raise prices but not nearly enough to offset the fuel savings. Consumers will save money and improve the environment with this vehicle investment. Also, ORT's will not be required to purchase semis that meet these standards but they will be able to achive the new fuel standards by aerodynamic modifications and installing hydrogen generator kits which will exceed these proposed fuel standards. Lets see what comes of the 60 day comment period before we make these doomsday presumptions designed to portray the President as "clueless".

JW of Minnesota
written by JW of Minnesota , August 09, 2011

Nonsense. You're running into the wall of diminishing returns.

You can lighten a cement truck and reduce capacity, but that means 2x the trips= more fuel and drivers.

Same with garbage trucks. These new 'green' units have half the capacity, therefore need travel back to the yard to tip twice as often.

Tough to understand for a lawyer or community organizer, but a real impact for the rest of the nation.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Plus up front costs vs long term costs
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , August 09, 2011

If the new trucks cost 15 to 20% more, many people will put off buying them until the absolutely have to even if the fuel savings did make up for it. This will depress the economy even further.

Then we have proven technology vs. smoke and mirrors. Many business people like to buy proven technologies and let other people work out the bugs of the cutting edge stuff. Ask truckers about their early experiences with soy diesel.

"Biodiesel gels/crystallizes at around 32°F or higher depending on what kind of oil/fats it was made from. If you plan to go someplace colder like Tahoe run at least 50% diesel, or just run diesel to be safe." Translation: Never use this shit in Minnesota, or if you might ever drive into freezing weather. It's only really good in Arizona in August!

Now is not the time to mandate radical changes that the market would implement more gradually (Trust me, every company would like to use less fuel!)

This is one of Obama's fundamental problems, he never trusts the market to do what's best. His love of government has crippled our economy.

written by Sequel , August 09, 2011

The perfect solution.
Haul 1 yd of ready mix rotating in a lil trailer pulled by your unicorn.
Voila! No more pollution!

New garbage truck is a Prius with a customized back that can carry one standard trash bin on the left and one standard recycle bin on the right.
Voila! No more pollution!

Agriculture, just yoke up the oxen, and move into the sod house.

written by Woody , August 09, 2011

Well done Sequel. It's been a long day and I needed a chuckle. Thanks! BTW JW I'm curious where you saw that hauling capacities would be reduced. Everything I came across had to do with aerodynamics and engine modifications not payload capacity.

JW of Minnesota
written by JW of Minnesota , August 09, 2011

Woody- yes, I did not see that anywhere. But I'm confident this will happen with large vehicles. For small passenger vehicles, it's a lot easier. Reduce engine size, reduce weight via aluminum, aero, etc.

But for large vehicles, these are fixed. Engine displacement, weight of the frame cannot change due to the nature of it's work. Payload will decrease.

Not being an EPA bureaucrat or Harvard Law educated, I might be wrong, but you won't see aerodynamic gains on a cement rig.

written by Woody , August 09, 2011

I hear they have a great aerodynamics department at Harvard. I see your point.

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