Obama to read more words from the teleprompter

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written by TomC , September 05, 2011

Like a brilliantly executed art form, I will watch "The One" read from his teleprompter on Thursday night. He does it as well and as convincingly as anyone possibly could.

The vacuous words, I predict, will represent an amalgamation of the fewer and lesser ideas of this president's administration. They will also have less value than that of the hardware on which they are printed.

This was a "Wag the Dog" administration,created by the media. The media put this man in office with their haloed portrayals and labeling him as highly intelligent, with their squelching and rationalizations of any digging into his past, and with their continuous feel-good hype of healing in both race and international relations.

So yes, I will be watching in appreciation of his achievement is his art form, but with the full understanding that whatever is presented on his canvass has little meaning in the real world.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Obama as modern art
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , September 05, 2011

Highly stylized and completely meaningless.

written by Woody , September 05, 2011

Sounds like you are ready to watch the speech with an open mind.

written by TomC , September 05, 2011

Wait a minute Woody. When I occasionally drive the highways, I enjoy listening to a well read piece of fiction of a recorded book. That is the way I will approach this speech. It is a well read piece of fiction wit a little bit of horror thrown in for intrigue. And I am sure I will be uplifted before the guy jumps out of the back seat of my car to steal my wallet.

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