Obama in a nutshell

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This is prototypical Obama in almost every way.

Here was last week’s pre-Martha bit of ersatz presidential theater, in the less fashionable zip codes of Minnesota:

Passing trade deals is something that “Congress can do right now,” remarked President Obama Monday at a town hall meeting in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.


The truth is that Congress can’t do anything on free trade agreements “right now,” because the President has yet to send the agreements to Congress for final approval.


I am assured by my liberal friends that Barack Obama is not intentionally attempting to destroy America. Let us also grant that an honorable man would not intentionally deceive the burghers of Cannon Falls for cheap political point-scoring. So what does that leave? That the president is merely ignorant and incompetent and doesn’t know his job?

That single line from a single speech is an almost perfect vignette of everything that’s wrong with the Washington leviathan. The American taxpayers pay for a luxury Canadian bus, dozens of accompanying vehicles, salaried aides, and federal speechwriters in order to zip the president halfway across the country to blame somebody else for something only he can do — if only he’d stayed back at the office.

There you have Obama. He is either lying or incompetent or both. He blames other people for work he hasn't done. You also get that the guy doesn't believe a word coming out of his own mouth, nor does he much care that he is completely full of shit. Being full of shit is his MO and it worked great until he actually had to do something as President.

Obama; ignorant, incompetent, arrogant and useless.

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