Military Vote Protections Being Minimized by the DOJ

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It is 2008 all over again. Today the Department of Justice effectively rewrote the 2009 MOVE Act designed to protect military voters. In a settlement reached with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the Holder Justice Department allowed Wisconsin to mail ballots to overseas military voters only 32 days before the election, instead of the statutorily mandated 45 days.

DOJ Undermines Pentagon, Allows Wisconsin To Ignore Military Voting Protections

The left-Democrats, hate the conservative-leaning military vote. It seems in every election significant effort is expended to minimize this voting block however possible without being blatantly anti-military. In this case, the difference between 32 and 45 days is huge. These ballots are making their way through a government managed mail system to  and from individuals whose locations are dynamic. It is not uncommon for mail to take weeks to reach someone. A round trip for mail in more than 32 days is not uncommon.

The 2000 presidential election and the Florida vote counts  was the catalyst for the 45 day mandate. Not only was the military-rich "panhandle" vote minimized because of the early announcement of Gore winning Florida, but many absentee votes were not counted because they arrived late. And this was during a relatively peaceful time in the world. (There were operation theaters (Bosnia, MidEast) and foci (USS Cole),  but no major movements.)

Here in Minnesota, a state where in 2008 78% participated in the vote (and in some precincts more that 100%), only 3362 of approximately 22000 eligible military member and dependent votes were counted. Rejection rates for military absentee ballots was 4 times that on non-military ballots, 65% for being late. (Minnesota's Shame)

The DOJ continues to undermine the voting process through overturning judgment against the guilty Black Panthers from Philadelphia, barring Georgia for voter verification, working with felons to regain voting rights, along with this, the ignoring of the MOVE act.

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written by Kermit , September 11, 2010

We won't have a epartment of Justice until that slimey toad Eric Holder is gone.

written by TomC , September 11, 2010

Kermit, If you were going to forego using a letter it should have been th 'J' making it the Department of Ustice, which more is what it seems like. Anything to either increase the Democrat vote or decrease the Republican.

written by Kermit , September 11, 2010

Typo, Tom. I'm almost as human as Bart.

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