Maui, Clancy, & Rand

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I have not posted here since summer, though I have occasionally commented.

I am in Maui on vacation and enjoying myself tremendously. I am doing the bare minimum, mostly sitting by the pool and reading along with a bike down the volcano and a whale watch boat trip.--both wonderful.  I have read Tom Clancy's new "Dead or Alive: an dam re-reading Atlas Shrugged for the 4th time--both good conservative books.

"Dead or Alive," if you've read Clancy in the past, includes all the favorite Ryan and Rainbow characters, a cursory, (and negative) evaluation of the Obama/Kealty administrations  and a good positive ending. Bin Laden is dead and the country is headed in the right correct/right direction again. Feel-good fiction.

I read Atlas Shrugged pre-marriage, in ~1975; in 1985 shortly after my 2 kids were born; in 1995 in Georgia as a libertarian; and am reading it again, now on vacation after my kids have moved out and are starting their professional lives. It is a book that should be re-read during life's passages. The characters and philosophy are timeless. Rand was brilliant!

I have briefly seen some of the news coverage of the Repubs taking control of the House and look forward to caring again. Until then, I will occupy my time with conservative-leaning fiction.

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JW of Minnesota
written by JW of Minnesota , January 07, 2011

Enjoy, Tom. We look forward to your return to blogging.

For Christmas, we received Palin and O'Reilly's new books. O'Reilly's book is a little easier to read. Palin's is fine, seems to be more of a build-up towards a presidential run than the other book.

written by Badda , January 07, 2011

Enjoy your time, Tom. It's morning in America.

written by Nobody , January 08, 2011

What's better than a beach and a good book? Even if it's a re-read. Rand quailifies.

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