Liberalism hurts the poor

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One of the most insidious things about liberalism is that it disproportionally harms the poor and under educated the most. Here is just one example:

In a switch that highlights enormous changes in the American family, married couples no longer make up the majority of households in the Twin Cities area.

A new release of 2010 state data by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday shows that 48.6 percent of households in the seven-county metropolitan area were married couples. That's down from 50.9 percent in 2000. The rest of Minnesota is not far behind, with 50.8 percent of households made up of married couples.

College-educated people still marry in large numbers, Doherty said, making marriage strong among the middle class. That shows in the census results. Counties that ring the Twin Cities -- Scott, Carver, Sherburne, Wright and Washington -- along with Dodge County in southeastern Minnesota have the highest proportion of married households in the state, at more than 60 percent. Hennepin and Ramsey counties are in the bottom three in Minnesota, at 43 and 41 percent respectively.

Among cities, wealthier suburbs such as Sunfish Lake, Victoria, Minnetrista, Medina and North Oaks have close to 75 percent of households made up of married couples. In Minneapolis that figure is 28 percent. About 43 percent of Minneapolis households are made up of people living alone.

We see this time and again. Liberals de-legitimize marriage and de-stigmatize out of wedlock child births. The leftist media pushes these images and the most vulnerable in our society latch onto them. The lower classes bear the brunt in these liberal policies, while the college educated liberals that support these policies live the more traditional lives that conservatives champion. Then the married with kids libs wonder why the poor don't embrace liberalism come election time.

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written by TomC , May 14, 2011

This started in the 60s with Johnson's "Great Society" endeavors. De-legitimize the family and enable and encourage disfunctional behaviour and you kill the poorest quintile's ability and desire to achieve. That promotes a cancer in inner cities that metastasizes outward. Generations of government-dependent, disfunctional families who feel entitled to ever more.

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