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Texas GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert officially introduced the American Jobs Act of 2011 on Wednesday afternoon.

Big deal, right? Barry has been talking about this bill since August. He had a major speech on it last week. He has emailed to the details to the press and every member of Congress.

Calling the president's plan a "disaster," Gohmert said that he checked to see "who filed the 'American Jobs Act' for the president, here in the House, since we had to do it 'now, right away," but discovered that the plan had not been officially introduced in the House.

So, at 1:20pm Gohmert filed his own version of a jobs bill, under the title included on the president's legislation distributed to members of Congress two-days prior.

WTF? The Obummer White House is so incompetent that they couldn't manage to get one Democrat to file the bill that the President is demanding that we pass?

One Democratic leadership aide was unable to say which Democrat would introduce President Obama's jobs bill in the House or the timing of its submission.

Fucking pathetic.

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written by TomC , September 15, 2011

A gutsy in-your-face move. Brilliant!

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