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Here's my avatar-so far


Ben- I did see the one one on the fail blog#7.  No. 5 will be reworked. Below are the other options for an avatar, I considered. One is actually not a mouse but a weird small rodent called Jerboa. But hey-it looks like a cute mouse to me.

To all, feel free to voice which one you think  is the best option instead of my default one above.

Thanks for all who replied on how avatars work in Joomla.


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Barthélemy Barbancourt
Just register it with your email at gravatar
written by Il Duce’ , May 30, 2009

and it's automatic!

It IS showing
written by Webmaster , May 30, 2009

We have it set to show just for comments, not regular posts to keep the cluttered look down. Not sure if the plan is to even keep them at all.

Anyway, if you look at all your comments, you'll see your mouse is showing.

better picture
written by Ben , May 30, 2009

nony, I have a better suggestion for a picture...

I have a avatar too...
written by Ben , May 30, 2009

being just a commentor how do I do it?

Same way, Ben
written by MoonliteSonata , May 30, 2009

Go to sign up. add a pic. it will AUTOMATICALLY show up here, and any other site that accpets gravatars.
Simple enough for me to figure it out.

A Non Y Mouse
Thanks for the info/help
written by A Non Y Mouse , May 30, 2009

I thought it had to be pasted somewhere in the "write comment" windows or pasted next to my name etc.
Glad to see it worked.

written by MoonliteSonata , May 30, 2009

I even read on the site page when I downloaded the pic that it would show up automatically.. am I the only one who pays attention?

A Non Y Mouse
Is Moon the only one who pays attention.
written by A Non Y Mouse , May 31, 2009

yeap- and thank you for the attention.

which mouse is mouser?
written by auntypsychotic , May 31, 2009

gotta go with #8, Mouser.

that frazzled look is you, babe.

Let's see if I got me one of them avatars
written by Amendment X , May 31, 2009

And the decision is...

And the decision is....
written by Amendment X , May 31, 2009

No, I don't

I love Jerboas!
written by MoonliteSonata , May 31, 2009

They are essentially desert mice. They're pretty cool, and I plan on eventually getting a tattoo of one, since I'm a hugely devoted fan of the Dune books by Frank Herbert. The main character changes his name to Muad'Dib- meaning desert mouse (in Fremen).

A Non Y Mouse
written by A Non Y Mouse , May 31, 2009

Awesome so they are considered a mouse!

Here's where #1 avatar mouse comes from.
If you haven't seen this viral cute video already...go to

It is of a Pygmy Jerboa, I find him cuter than the long/large eared Jerboa.

Steve Anderson
If you want my opinion
written by sanders , May 31, 2009

I would stick with the one you have. The other one I like is #2. Looks like he is ROFL (cute).

written by Ben , May 31, 2009

#1 doesn't even look real to be honest, and if it is it looks like the thing needs some anti-depressents. It actually looks sad.

A Non Y Mouse
#1That's the baby pygmy Jerbola mouse
written by A Non Y Mouse , May 31, 2009

Yeah Ben lol...perhaps, Now let's see Yours!
I will use all of them depending on my mood. It does look like he's got a hangover and is lookin for his morning coffee.

Your opinions just settles it. I could use#1 when I feel like
death warmed over in a mircowave.
#8 when I feel frazzled per Aunty P.
#2 when I feel like screaming an opinion.
#6 over all cute.
It is the "softer side" of the Anti-strib now? Ehe?

Don't forget number 8
written by MoonliteSonata , May 31, 2009

When you're in a bristly, grizzly, frazzled mood, Mouse!

written by MoonliteSonata , May 31, 2009

nevermind, you didn't forget.. I just can't read today. It's too freaking hot in here, and we don't have air conditioning.

My vote
written by A. J. , June 01, 2009

I like #6 best - maybe with a little contrast enhancement. The fruit in your current one distracts from the mouse.

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