If you're unemployed, Obama thinks that's pretty funny!

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President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness met today in Durham, NC at Cree Inc., a company that manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting. One of the Council's recommendations to President Obama was to streamline the federal permit process for construction and infrastructure projects. It was explained to Obama that the permitting process can delay projects for "months to years ... and in many cases even cause projects to be abandoned ... I'm sure that when you implemented the Recovery Act your staff briefed you on many of these challenges." At this point, Obama smiled and interjected, "Shovel-ready was not as ... uh .. shovel-ready as we expected." The Council, led by GE's Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter.

The Obama administration promised the Recovery Act ("the stimulus") would prevent the jobless rate from going over 8%. It now stands at 9.1%.

I'm glad Obama and Jeff Immelt can laugh about millions of Americans being out of work, missing car and mortgage payments and losing any savings they might have had just trying to make ends meet. I can sure see how that is fucking hilarious, especially when his boondoggles cost American taxpayers $787 Billion and we have nothing to show for it.

Tell me again why you are surprised that some people think Obama hates America?

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Let me get this straight....
written by Woody , June 13, 2011

.....the President was laughing about the unemployed directly is this correct Bart? Were the license plates on the Presidential limo expired??

Obama hates America? Thats a heck of a platform for reelection I may have to reconsider if he hates the country. Thanks for bringing this to my attention LOL!!

Steve Anderson
written by sanders , June 16, 2011

Reading comprehension was not one of Woody's strong suits in his public school education...

written by Woody , June 16, 2011

Blow me sanders. Comprehend that??

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Most people would be ashamed
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 17, 2011

Obama wasted $787 billion on shovel ready jobs that never materialized. Just like the $100 million he wasted on the Chicago Annenburg Challenge.

He is laughing at his own failure, which is in pretty poor taste as his failure has left millions unemployed.

Further proof that Obama is a deeply callus man with no ability to think of anyone other than himself. I find him to be a dull bore, not the intellectual that the left and the media do dearly want him to be.

Also, while I appreciate the brevity (The soul of wit) of your response to Sanders, we don't do personal attacks on this blog anymore. Yes, Sanders started it so both of you need to find a better way to discuss your different viewpoints.

Steve Anderson
written by sanders , June 17, 2011

I apologize to everyone, especially Woody. I haven't been around much lately, and must have missed the tightening of the rules...

Woody: Bart didn't say that Obama hates America, only that no one should be surprised that some people do think that. I just think that his view of America is quite different than most people here, and now that we have seen his vision he will be a one-termer.

written by Nobody , June 17, 2011

Sanders "tightening of the rules"? Hell there's been an outright purge by the Bartster.

written by Woody , June 18, 2011

My apologies as well everybody and sanders who my comment was directed to. Everybody have a great fathers day!

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , June 18, 2011

Wow, I disappear for a while and this place goes all nice.

I am flabbergasted, happy as a democrat with a tax increase or a repub with a gun, but flabbergasted none the less.

Happy fathers day all around

Steve Anderson
written by sanders , June 19, 2011

Well, back to the OP. Pres. Obama may have been giving a little self-deprecating chuckle, now that he realized just what the normal businessman knows. The Gov'ts over-regulation can screw up the best laid plans, even the President's. Too bad he didn't have any experience with that before he was elected.

But, we can agree on one thing:

Happy Father's Day to everyone!

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Too bad he didn't have any experience before he was elected.
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 20, 2011

Yeah, people like me that pointed that out were called racists. Now that everyone knows that I was right, they still call me a racist.

It must be nice to be a lefty and not have to admit being wrong ever.

You're no racist Bart
written by Woody , June 20, 2011

a narcissist probably but I wouldn't refer to you as racist.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Thanks Woody
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , June 21, 2011

I really don't have an issue with being called a Hedonist or narcissist. Admitting that I am an egotistical bastard would be the first step to recovery, except if I changed I might not be so fucking cool!

Actually, I'd probably still be pretty cool even if I was humble, it just wouldn't be as much fun.

written by Woody , June 21, 2011

I suspected you would like that Bart.

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