Hot 73 year old Chick Friday

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I know I'm gonna piss some guys off but loo at these pictures of Jane Fonda

I wouldn't bang Jane Fonda with Jim's dick, but I have to admit that the liberal dipshit is aging quite well. Money and some skilled surgeons have certainly helped.

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Jonny Texas
Screw that old bitch!
written by Jonny Texas , May 13, 2011

Gimmie Charo any day.

1. Hotter back in the day.
2. Hotter now.
3. Funnier back in the day.
4. Funnier now.
5. Not a dirty fucking bitch back in the day.
6. Not a dirty bitch now.
7. Never fucked Ted Turner.

Jane isn't even in the same league with this woman.

Watch the Joy Behar interview, funny as hell

written by Elmer , May 13, 2011

Her face is an artful reconstruction, but look carefully at her hands. This is an old woman with a stretched face. Ugh.

written by Nobody , May 13, 2011

I agree with both you guys. Every time I see Jane all I can think of is Viet Nam and my blood boils.

written by TomC , May 14, 2011


written by Woody , May 14, 2011

She looks pretty damn good for 73 other than the hands (Thanks Elmer) but shes no Megha McCain!

written by Woody , May 14, 2011

I meant Meghan

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , May 14, 2011

She is still tainted by the Turner penis

written by Woody , May 14, 2011

and Barbarella

No effing way
written by Badda , May 24, 2011

Rraquel Welch over Jane ANY day... and not just because she's a couple of years younger.

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