Here's a big clue, could someone explain this to Obama

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"The No. 1 complaint that we hear from community bankers is that they feel that regulators have gone one step too far and are choking off lending," says Paul Merski, chief economist at the Independent Community Bankers of America, a trade group that represents small banks.


Regulators defend their efforts, saying that intensive oversight is needed to prevent banks from taking too much risk and repeating the behavior that got the industry in trouble.

Mr. Depping has been on a collision course with regulators since 2009, when FDIC examiners began questioning the bank's large concentration of small-business loans. Nearly all of Main Street's $175 million loan portfolio has gone to customers like dentists, owners of fast-food franchises and delivery-truck drivers, who use the loans to purchase equipment. The bank's average loan size is $100,000 to customers who have less than $1 million in annual revenue, Mr. Depping says.

Main Street had profits of $1 million in the second quarter and wrote off 1.25% of its loans as uncollectible. That is below the industry's charge-off rate of 1.82% in the FDIC's data for the first quarter, the latest available. The bank has earned nearly $11 million in the past year.

In July 2010, the FDIC slapped Main Street with a 25-page order to boost its capital, strengthen its controls and bring in a new top executive. Regulators also said the bank was putting too many eggs in one basket. Mr. Depping says regulators wanted the bank to shrink its small-business lending to about 25% of the total loan portfolio, down from about 90%.

Mr. Depping says he explained to regulators that Main Street has focused on small-business lending since he bought the bank in 2004 with a group of investors. He says the bank makes credit decisions based on a combination of the borrower's personal-credit and business-credit histories, among other factors.

"We felt that servicing small business is something the country needs and that we're really good at it. I thought the model was working just fine," Mr. Depping says.

Yes, by all means, let's have some government douchbag tell a small profitable bank that they don't know how to run their own business. The "bad" bankers are loaning money to the businesses that create 2/3's of the new jobs in America, clearly they must be stopped.

And people like Woody wonder how anyone could think that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America? I'd say here is a grade A example.

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