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OK, I know I have done this before but what "great" books did you read and think, yeah that was pretty great. I got a Nook for Christmas and I'm working through classics that I have never read.


THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald

CATCH-22 by Joseph Heller

BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


THE GRAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck




1984 by George Orwell

ON THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac

THE LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkien (as a 13 year-old)


Didn't Like:

Crime and Punishment

The Metamorphosis



The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis

Crime and Punishment

Downloaded or Started and didn't finish:

The Three Musketeers

War and Peace


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Barry Hickethier
written by Barry Hickethier , July 19, 2011

Philip K. Dick writes some great sci-fi.

He has a lot of great short stories, so you can start there to get a feel.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
I've seen his movies
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , July 19, 2011

I try not to lump sci-fi into great literature.

The "Foundation" and "Robot" series by Asimov are excellent.

Jonny Texas
Only books not on your list
written by Jonny Texas , July 19, 2011

David Eddings - The Belgariad and the Elenium - Ten books that is about as epic a tale as you can get. I read the entire series every 10 years or so.

Lord of the flies - A classic tale about human nature.

Fahrenheit 451 - Right along the 1984 line of thinking.

A fine and pleasant misery - Sometimes you just need to laugh. McManus just tickles my midwestern funny bone.

Guns, Germs, and steel - 90% of this book makes total sense, 5% I don't know, 5% total bullshit. Keep reading a lot of the bullshit is in the early part of the book.

The undercover economist & Freakonomics - Even if you are a Econ Professor reading this will give you a ton of ways to rephrase arguments to those who aren't.

Das Kapital - Just because you don't agree, does not mean that you shouldn't read it.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments - Adam Smith's other book

Poly Sci:
Mein Kampf - The problem with this book is not that too many people read it, it's that not enough did.

Barry Hickethier
written by Barry Hickethier , July 19, 2011

His work is classified as sci-fi but stories typically revolve around moral, existential and socio-political issues. In that way, very similar to Asimov's Robot Series or dystopian stories like Fahrenheit 451 or Brave New World.

Have to 2nd JT's selection of Lord of the Flies.

written by Nobody , July 19, 2011

Not a bad list, I'd add;

Das Kapital

Wealth of Nations

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , July 19, 2011

Dystopian? Gotta remember that one for the future.

I could have used brave new world as a sleep aid. I couldn't stay awake long enough to get through it. I couldn't even make it through the book on tape.

A Nook? Burn that proprietary sack of monkey shit. Nothing says fuck the consumer like publishers being able to take your book back. Gimme good old fashioned paper thank you.

written by Nobody , July 19, 2011

Here JT, lemme give you the A-S definition of dystopia; the totaly fucked up society when the libs take over.

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , July 19, 2011

That would be if any political party or ideology completely takes over. The tea party is no less full of loonies than code pink, it is just a different flavor of crazy. Your passion is appreciated your dogma is not. I want a country where every party is pissed about most of every piece of legislation that is passed. If someone gets every thing they want I guarantee you we got screwed.

written by TomC , July 19, 2011

Not classics, but excellent historical content in a very readable form are Bill Bennett's "America: The Last Best Hope" vol 1&2.

David Boaz, "Toward Liberty"

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , July 19, 2011

I can't wait to get "Then everything changed" by jeff greenfield. It's a Historical "What if..........." book

 tim-The Dyslexic Blogger
written by tim-The Dyslexic Blogger , July 19, 2011

What Nook did you get Bart? For fathers day I received the newest simple reader great battery life I know its not a nook color but I just wanted a reader.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Black and White Nook
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , July 20, 2011

It's great in the sun.

I like paper too but 2 weeks in St. Barts meant taking 8 books, too much weight.

A Nook can hold dozens of books, ensuring that I don't run out of reading material with 2 hours left to go on a flight.

Of course, now I just play Angry Birds until my phone dies.

Steve Anderson
written by sanders , July 21, 2011

Bart, anything by Asimov is good, even some of his non-fiction. Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle would be good additions.

JT, Eddings is great, I read the Belgariad and the Malloreans every so often too. There's two more as well (Belgarath and Polgara have 'autobiographies') for a total of twelve. If you like those, have you tried any Zelazny? The Amber series is a good read too.

I've read a lot of these, but got some good suggestions. Thanks, all!

Jonny Texas
written by Jonny Texas , July 22, 2011


I have those too, but they are more support material to the main stories. They are great support material, but support material none the less. Beldin is a quite possibly my favorite fictional character "If I jammed a white hot hook into your guts and kicked you off a cliff do you think you'd bounce? Oh look! I just happen to have a hook right here!". There is also a 13th book "The Rivan Codex" which is basically production notes, boring as hell.

The knight series? It just didn't stack up as well. Not to mention sI am kind of biased as he took time off of producing the last 2 books of the second series to write them.

written by Nobody , July 22, 2011

I'm in the middle of "Money and Power How Goldman and Sachs came to run the world". Wow great history and explanation of WTF just happened.

RE: Good reads
written by A Non Y Mouse;) , July 23, 2011

"Man's Search for Meaning"

by Viktor E. Frankl, a neurologist and psychiatrist, a survivor of the Holocaust.

Might not be suitable for a St. Bart's trip but.....
It is a quick read but a good companion piece to a Tour of a concentration camp if visiting Germany or Poland.

Re: Blk/White kindle, kick ass.
I gave that for my nephew's Graduation present. It doesn't strain the eyes and some of the U of text books are downloadable on it.

Ed Salden
written by Ed Salden , July 24, 2011

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

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