Give Greece What It Deserves: Communism

Posted by: Barthélemy Barbancourt

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Once in a great while an opportunity comes along to deliver justice to a people, giving them what they truly deserve. Greece’s time has come.

What the world needs, lest we forget, is a contemporary example of Communism in action. What better candidate than Greece? They’ve been pining for it for years, exhibiting a level of anti-capitalist vitriol unmatched in any developed country. They are temperamentally attuned to it, having driven all hard working Greeks abroad in search of opportunity. They pose no military threat to their neighbors, unless you quake at the sight of soldiers marching around in white skirts. And they have all the trappings of a modern Western nation, making them an uncompromised test bed for Marxist theories. Just toss them out of the European Union, cut off the flow of free Euros, and hand them back the printing plates for their old drachmas. Then stand back for a generation and watch.

They crushed the concept of private property long ago under the burden of environmental, cultural, and social regulations that govern land use. Wouldn’t it be instructive to let them have a go at building a workers’ paradise to remind us what state enforced equality looks like?

If you don’t want the real contagion to spread, that is the disease of believing you can perpetually consume more than you produce, leave Greece to the Greeks and let the bankers take their lumps.

This is a great idea. The liberals that love socialism should have a country to point to that fully shows the joys of socialism in a first world country. The libs dismiss Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela as not good examples of what they want, but they will have a hard time dismissing Greece.

The Greeks have done exactly what liberals are trying to do here, they destroyed private property rights, set up huge regulatory burdens and instilled a sense of entitlement into majority of the population. Greece is the inevitable result of everything Barry O'Bullshit stands for.

I say we cut Greece loose from the EU and tell the libs in America to head to Greece to enjoy the socialist "paradise" that they want to impose on us. Can we export the New York Times too in a foreign aid package?

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