Get out, get some exercise and maybe die in the process

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The Red Star continues to push the bikes are better than cars BS and the MPD is getting tired of cleaning up the mess.

On this day I chose not to drive my car with convenience, or her alluring twin companions: quick and easy. By taking the slower approach on my bike, not only did I get in a workout, I also enjoyed the scenery, and didn't have to spend a dime on gas or spew toxins and CO2 into the environment.

I invite you to join me in "being the change."

Ignore your car's siren. Walk, bike or take public transportation, as you're able. It will benefit both you and the environment.

The Earth and future generations will thank you.

Dan Johnson, of Crystal, is a community volunteer.(Unemployed Loser)

Truck-bicycle crash kills U senior

Police pleaded with drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to use more caution in the wake of a (dump) truck-bike collision that killed a 25-year-old student.

Deadly collisions on rise

The crash, along with another one on Thursday morning involving a woman being hit by a pickup truck and injured while walking near Target Field, are part of what police say is "a dramatic increase" in the past week in collisions involving vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.

Yeah, let's encourage more people to rick their lives! The only person I have sympathy for in this story is the poor dump truck driver.

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written by Nobody , April 22, 2011

Yeah, I can see showing up for work all sweaty and smelling somewhat goat like.

The only person I have sympathy for in this story is the poor dump truck driver.
written by Woody , April 22, 2011

How about the family of the deceased Bart any sympathy for them? How would you feel if one of your children lost their life in this way and some local blogger said something as insensitive as this about them. If there is anything to be learned from this tragedy it is this: For Gods sake do not ride in traffic wearing an IPod! The victim of this accident was riding with an IPod and I'd be willing to bet it contributed to this accident. I also sympathize with the driver of the dump truck. He must be devastated by this accident.

Jay Duggan
written by Jay Duggan , April 22, 2011

The dump truck driver is devastated because some idiot on his bike thought he desrved equal footing with the motor vehicles. If you ride in traffic on a bike you tacitly accept the chance you may get squashed. Damn bikers don't obey traffic laws, traffic lights, or ride with caution. Just because you have the right doesn't mean you can have a lane to yourself, can run stop signs, weave traffic or ignore the easy use of a sidewalk when the street shoulder is very narrow. You bike like that, and then wear an Ipod on top of it to drown out warning sounds of approaching danger, you almost deserve to get run-over for your ignorance and arrogance.
Hitting a biker is every driver's worst nightmare, becasue even if you hit a biker who has committed all of the errors listed above, some whiny touchy-feely dipsquat like Woody wants you to get in touch with the feelings of the deceased idiot. The Ipod is not the problem. Idiots treating themselves like equals while biking on busy traffic streets are the problem.
Because electric cars and bikes pay no gas tax to even subsidize the roads my vote is for a 15% highway surtax on all electric cars and 25% on all bikes priced more tahn $150. Only a "rich" jerkwad,who doesn't "need" that much money would buy and ride a bike worth more than $150.

"I hate Illinois Nazis."

written by Woody , April 23, 2011

Your comment is loaded with assumptions and stereotypes Jay. As for calling me a dip squat (whatever that is) I say fuck you asshole.

Bill C
written by Bill C , April 23, 2011

spew toxins and CO2 into the environment.[/]

No, you spewed CO2 into the environment by breathing hard you fucking moron.

written by Woody , April 24, 2011

Ok Bill what point are you trying to make?

Robert Perry
written by Robert Perry , April 25, 2011

To correct some misconceptions:

1. Apart from limited access highways, bicyclists do have legal rights to use the roads. Get over it; they also have the right to 3' worth of space between their bike and your car. Please obey the law.

2. The reason you'd buy a bicycle worth more than $150 (I have seven of them in my house for my large family) is because you don't esepecially care to repair them all the time. Cheap bikes suck, and are quite frankly dangerous. (you don't buy a cheap bike for the same reasons you don't buy a used Yugo, more or less)

3. Regarding the particular case, Woody nails it; wearing an IPOD or walkman while riding or running is just begging for trouble. I would have to hazard a guess that the victim also was wearing dark clothing.

Jay Duggan
"Reasonable" doesn't define the problem
written by Jay Duggan , April 25, 2011

People on bikes have the "right" to bike on the streets, but because of the inhereh=nt dangers they should abide by high standards for their, and driver's safety. They should also pay for the roads and the surtax over $150 in value is a great idea. You use it, you pay for it.

And yes, coming in and out of the traffic lane as you swerve around parked cars on the shoulder, while wearing and Ipod and dark clothing on a busy street may get you squished. The lost life a tragedy, but statisically forseeable.

As for loaded with stereotypes, I don't claim to know everyone's actions, only that with a high frequency I observe: bikers halfway into a busy traffic lane oblivious or non-caring about the fact they are pinching two lanes of opposing traffic, running stop signs/lights, using pedestrian cross lights to cross intersections and then vering back into traffic when across, swerving in and out of parked cars on shoulders making their visibility difficult, and very rarely using those fancy hand signal turns we were all taught in elementary school. Be responsible and examine the odds of getting squished before you act. Just because you have a right, you do not have a right to good outcomes with poor behavior.

written by Chell , April 25, 2011

Thank you, Robert, for pointing out that bicyclists do have equal right to be on the roads. They also have equal responsibility as far as obeying signs and lights and signaling. Too many on bicycles swerve unexpectedly through traffic and ride where they shouldn't.

And too many drivers mistakenly expect bicycles to be in the shoulder or on a sidewalk instead of on the road. This is far more dangerous. As are the many motorists who intentionally pass too closely to a bicycle because of their impatience.

I feel terrible for those involved in the accident and the loved ones of the bicyclist. If only there could be a do-over.

Robert Perry
written by Robert Perry , April 25, 2011

Jay, first of all, it is a right, not a "right", to use the roads in a lawful manner.

Second, bicycles do little road damage, and cyclists do pay (directly or indirectly) the property taxes that support most urban, suburban, and rural roads. So the idea that we don't pay taxes is bunk, nothing less.

(to calculate relative road damage; road damages goes as about the square to the fourth power of the weight on a wheel--so you're talking relative damage of .01% to 1% of that done by a car, and then buses or trucks.....don't even get me started!)

Third, I'll take car drivers seriously about "lawless bicyclists" when I don't get passed on 494 or 35 by someone going about 85, or get so consistently tailgated when I'm driving the speed limit in the right lane, or when I actually see drivers use their turn signals.

written by Elmer , April 25, 2011

Just WTF does "about the square to the fourth power of the weight" mean?

Robert Perry
written by Robert Perry , April 26, 2011

Elmer; road damage is proportional, depending on road design and other factors, to at least the square of the weight on each tire, and in some cases as high as the fourth power of the weight on each tire.

So if I'm on a bike with 100 lbs on each tire, and you're driving a Suburban with 1500 lbs on each tire, you're doing at least 450 times (15^2 * 4 wheels/my 2 wheels) as much road damage, and possibly up to 50,000 times more road damage than I am. A bus or truck with 1-2 tons on each tire? At least 3200 times as much damage, and possibly up to 23 million times more road damage.

So who needs to pay more taxes? Obviously not cyclists, but rather city buses and heavy trucks.

written by Elmer , April 26, 2011

I'd like to learn more about that damage vs weight relationship. Doesn't see intuitive. Have a reference?

I don't think cyclists should be charged user fees. Costs associated are mostly law enforcement costs, not wear and tear.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Traffic lights, lane strippng, etc.
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , April 26, 2011

There is more to traffic and asphalt maintenance. Bikers take us space, require signals and take up cop time. They should pay.

Jay Duggan
written by Jay Duggan , April 26, 2011

It's not wear and tear dim-wit. If you get a bike lane/wider shoulder and markings and road maintenance and curbside signs and parking racks and police and safety service inclusion, you need to pay for it. The bike lanes that get paid for from the gas tax Fed Highway Fund are also unpaid for by the users. I pay more in gas tax than about 6 Prius cars, so as a matter of fact I do own the road. At least more of it than the bike whiners.
Biking is recreation and physical activity, not a solution to any problem, other than being fat.

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