Food stamp scam, "water dumping"

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Bangor police were called to Shaw’s grocery store Thursday night to collect information about a regularly occurring food stamp scam that recently was dubbed “water dumping” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The USDA has taken a stand on water dumping — buying beverages with food stamps, dumping the liquid and returning the empties for cash — and in June proposed a new rule that could disqualify recipients who engage in the practice.

The Bangor Daily News put a spotlight on water dumping in August 2010 after a pair of men purchased $86.79 in bottled water from the Shaw’s in Bangor, dumped it out behind the store and returned the empties for $24.

The SNAP program provides funding to feed more 44 million people each month across the country, half of whom are children, the USDA website states.

This story captures so many facets of what is wrong with liberalism, is hard to figure out where to start. 22 million adults are on food stamps? Liberal  bottle deposit laws increase costs to the point where the container has more value than the contents? And obviously the people doing this aren't hungry, they are just exploiting another poorly run, wasteful government program for personal gain.

How about we ban adults from food stamps and also ban bottled water purchases. If you are so poor that you need my help to eat, you sure as hell should be drinking tap water.

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