Efficiency is Patriotic

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There is another problem I have with biking as a primary means of transportation, is that it is inefficient which I feel is un-American. I know that a few people are confused as what could be more patriotic than an individual pedaling alone to work? But America is great not only due to individualism, but also for our ability to reject old notions and accept new ones.

One of the greatest assets of our economy has been its flexibility. Americans, much more then Europeans, have always been ready and willing to change. Liberals want us to become less flexible and more rigid. They want us all to live near LRT and bike paths. They despise the flexibility that roads give to Americans allowing us to live, work and shop anywhere we want.

Biking is a big part of the liberal dream to restrict the freedoms of Americans. If you can only afford to bike or take mass transit to work, your job options are severely limited. This not only reduces the pay of the individual, it also reduces the productivity of our society.

My schedule this fall was this: up at 6:30 AM so I could be at the U of MN campus by 8:00 AM. Drive to client A north of St. Paul after class. Drive to client B in White Bear Township at 12:30. Leave WBT at 5:15 to go back to the U of MN campus, drive home at 9:00PM. Now try this scenario with LRT, buses or bicycles. It just doesn’t work.

As you can see this level of productivity is only possible with roads and cars. (The weather in January and February was a bit cold and snowy for motorcycling.) By having the state provide the basic level of access with freeways, roads and bridges and then allowing individuals to decide how to best utilize these utilities (New Escalade or used Kia) we have created a system that gives individuals the freedom to be as productive as they want to be.

Our current recession is deeper and lasting longer as the drop in house values is tying many people to areas where there are fewer jobs as they can’t sell their homes. The lower rate of mobility is a significant issue. Not imagine how much worse it would be if over 5% of the people in the US were tied to LRT, Mass Transit or bike paths?  

So if you believe in freedom and want to leave your kids with a growing economy and a shot at a life at least as good as yours, you’ll stop supporting job killing ideas like LRT, mass transit and bike paths. Our country and economy are built in individual freedom, flexibility and efficiency. Anything that reduces that is a threat to our future and ultimately our country.

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Ed Salden
I get it now.
written by Ed Salden , May 29, 2009

OK. I'm starting to understand.

You think bikers are bad? How about those m*t*h*r*f*k*r*s who walk?

No crash protection whatsoever, they pop like water balloons.

People should carry guns just so they can pick those dang pedestrians right off the sidewalk.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Depends on why you're walking
written by Il Duce’ , May 29, 2009

If you want to design a city that only allows people to walk to work, go for it. I'd guess that they ADA might have some input as some people can't walk. Please don't attempt to re-design a city to only accomodate walkers as that would definitely fail.

Our goal should be to become more efficient, not less.

It doesn't pay to bike.
written by K-Rod , May 29, 2009

Unless you make minimum wage, it does not save money to bicycle to work. My time is far to valuable.

Hobbies always cost money. That's OK since it is a hobby.

Ed, maybe you should take a drivers class so that you learn to drive your car on the road and not the sidewalk.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
I also should mention sidewalks
written by Il Duce’ , May 29, 2009

Those of us that live in civilization have sidewalks. These were designed to separate pedestrians from cars. Some rubes in the burbs designed those places without them so they are really only designed for cars.

when you're a liberal, what's logistics have to do with it?
written by rebecca , May 30, 2009

" They want us all to live near LRT and bike paths."
Apparently, the logistics (and logic) have escaped those who support such a dimwitted plan. An urban area, or even the burbs, is not going to be all that large or even possible with this as its guiding criteria. How far is "near"?
Bike to the LRT. Fine, but again, "how far is near?"I'm guessing that 5 miles (or 10 for the FAF's) is close to the upper limit for most people as far as time, effort etc.
So, how is it going to work logistically? I s'pose we could return to a pastoral life style and restrict any heavy manufacture to "production ghettos" but somehow I don't think that's gonna fly with most people. But my primary objection is that it "ain't a gonna work, nohow."
There are some Planned Unit Developments (PDU) spotted here and there around the country. They include schools, business districts (small businesses and small districts) and some do NOT permit cars. They have parking lots at the perimeter for commuters. I don't remember if mopeds or scooters are permitted but they do permit bikes and, in some cases, golf cartish type units. The yuppies and tree huggers love them. For a while. Then they settle in and see how restrictive they really are.
Since there are so few of these areas it's hard to say how much impact they have in general but there are those who are fleeing them as quickly as they can to get back to "civilization".

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