Dope smoking, hippie protestors protest something???

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The left can always be counted on to support treason. If anyone ever wonders why we have come to the logical conclusion that many lefties hate the USA, this disurbing image should clear things up.

And my favorite just for the caption:

And our final word goes to Los Angeles, where this delightful couple, who in another era would have been the perfect picture of innocent young love, cavalierly spews profanity, not because they're trying to be outrageous, but simply because it's the only vocabulary they know.

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Billy Crims
written by Billy Crims , October 04, 2011

So, you're saying that Money is Free Speech and Plutocracy is democracy?

And you think the left is incoherent?

What's in that tea you all drink, anyway?

Well Billy,
written by Nobody , October 04, 2011

Free speach doesn't go far withouy money. The world has always been ruled by the wealthy, get over it, we don't have nor want a democracy, dude, mob rule? Not for me.

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

Billy, what are the chances either of these 2 are even capable of defining Plutocracy?

If these wastes of tuition ever got the communist revolution they clamor for, these dimwitted troublemakers would be the second wave to go into the gulag.
What was it Bill Ayers said back in the day?
25 million dead in the first wave was the expected number. Omelette, broken eggs etc. It's all cool man.

written by Nobody , October 04, 2011

Plutocracy: Rule by Pluto the dog.

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

One other note about that last pic:
See the chick? Very pretty, yes?
Now look at that pimple faced dweeb. Here's there following that chick around like a puppy.
If not for commie douchebaggery he stands no shot with a hot chick.
He's in it for the biscuit, the beavage, the coochie, the flapper, it's all about the snapper!

* liberties taken with the camel toe song

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

Disneyland level of deep thinking.
Bout right.

I got it
written by Nobody , October 04, 2011

wrong. Plutocrasy; rule by Bluto from Animal House?

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Money is speech
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , October 05, 2011

To be heard you will need some $$.

Sure, you can grab a soap box and stand in the park and rant all you want. You have free speech with no impact.

Next is a free blog site the requires a computer and internet access. This could be done at a public library, but most pay for this themselves. I know of no great blog posted from a public library.

Then things get progressively more expensive as we move from fliers, posters, newsletters, papers, magazines, Billboards, Radio ads, TV ads to finally owning your own media empire.

I have been been involved in getting my own voice heard for the last 7 years and I can assure you that for your speech to have any impact there is some money involved.

As for Bradley Manning, the guy is clearly guilty of treason and should be executed. The fact that people think treason is OK is more worrisome than an ill informed view of how Democracy really works.

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