Cynical or stupid?

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The general consensus has been that Barry O'dipshit  proposed his "jobs" bill as a cynical campaign move. Everyone, including Harry Reid, knows that this bill has no chance of getting passed into law, so conventional wisdom has been that Barry is using this for leverage in the 2012 election. But I'm not so sure.


Obama Makes Plea to ‘Pass This Bill’ 100-Plus Times

The president repeated the rallying cry 18 times in his speech to Congress, another 18 times at his stop in Richmond, Va., 12 times in his Rose Garden address, 18 times in Columbus, Ohio., 24 times in Raleigh, N.C.,  and 12 times at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala in Washington, D.C., for a grand total of (drum roll, please) 102. 

It is possible that the pride of the faculty lounge actually thinks that pissing away another 1/2 a trillion dollars in Solyndra style is going to turn around our $14 trillion economy? Is it possible that Barry is really that fucking dumb?

It sure looks like it.

On a related note, could someone please tell President Blowhard that the public has stopped listening to him? It's getting kind of embarrassing.

“Call, email, tweet, fax, visit, Facebook, send a carrier pigeon to” Republicans in Congress, telling them to pass his plan right away, Obama has said with an impassioned plea.  The president has spread his rallying cry on Twitter and Facebook, even launching a website designed to help supporters contact their representatives.

So far, at least, the effort to leverage a flood of popular support for the plan against recalcitrant members of Congress seems to have fallen flat.

Sources on Capitol Hill tell ABC News congressional switchboards and email servers have not been inundated by any notable increases in traffic, certainly nothing close to what was encountered after Obama delivered similar pleas for action during the contentious debt-ceiling debate and health care-reform battle.

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written by Nobody , September 15, 2011

I only know the CCC, WPA by my study. But I lived through Jimmah's CETA Same song different verse. For me to hire a guy under CETA there was massive paper work and very little return, net. this is another smoke screen and will do NOTHING. Santayana was right.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Employers don't hire for tax credits
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , September 15, 2011

They add employees to make more money and to meet growing demand. There is no reason to add an employee with dropping demand.

If Barry had ever done anything in the private sector, he might know this. Ditto 93% of his cabinet.

written by Nobody , September 15, 2011

Lemme get this right. I hire a guy and get a $4K tax break. He's going to cost me a minimum of $20K to pay plus what ever labor burden of benefits he gets, lets say 35%. So he costs me $26K and change, so this helps me how?

written by Sequel , September 16, 2011

Yeah, a $4K tax break to hire some schmo to to nothing because there is no business.
Mr. Businessman had his taxes go up $50K to pay for the $4K break, so he could hire someone he doesn't need.

This is the non bill/speech that MUST BE PASSED NOW!

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