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In a thread below, Bart responded by stating that the Anti-Strib will call a conservative out, if they feel the person is in the wrong. Ron Paul was mentioned by name.

In the majority of cases, I totally agree with Ron Paul and am glad he is speaking his mind on fiscal issues. In my mind, I occasionally weigh supporting him in the primary. However, there's the occasional foreign policy comment that convinces me otherwise. Below is one example.

Another example is the 9-11 troof-ers. Although Paul is not a truther himself, he does attract a great deal of troofers. I want no association with these ideas, and it's enough to sway me away from Ron Paul.

Back to foreign policy. Paul's comments in an opinion peice on the killing of Al-Awlaki are making headlines. More recently, he's saying the actions of President Obama in this case could warrant impeachment. I disagree with Paul.

Al-Awlaki was an enemy combatant. Individuals, who may be American citizens, who then take up arms with an enemy at war with the US, waive their right to a trial. Consider the Americans who, in the last century, returned to Germany to fight. They were not given a trial, but killed in warfare along with others in German uniforms. The Supreme Court reviewed this during the 1940's and agreed.

I won't use the argument that arresting Al-A was unfeasible. Of course it was unfeasible, but that doesn't hold as strong as an argument that he was an enemy combatant.






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Barthélemy Barbancourt
I'd be a little more upset if the guy was in the USA
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , October 04, 2011

His being on foreign soil makes this easier to justify for me. He was definitely an enemy of the USA.

We do kill people in the USA, but the cops usually give them a chance to surrender unless they are shooting at the cops.

If this guy's guilt was in question, I'd be more concerned about this, but he was a bad dude and Obama was right to smoke his ass.

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

Ron Paul is 60% right, and 40% crazy crackpot.

written by Nobody , October 04, 2011

I'd put him more at 75/25%.

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

I'd lean more 50/50 myself.
*Total and complete isolationism in foreign policy.
*Total and complete open borders, in fact no borders, no immigration policy, every douchebag criminal and jihdist scum welcome.
*Total and complete abandonment of the welfare state. (I'd only go 75% walk back. Some programs ought to stay at least short term).
*Thinks all the worlds problems are America's fault.

Crackpot quotient dangerously high!

written by Sequel , October 04, 2011

Ali-wiki a perfect example.
An American committing treason by openly waging war on the US from foreign soil can and should get a hellfire right up the sphincter!

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