Common Sense is gone from government

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CORALVILLE, Iowa (AP) — Police closed down a lemonade stand in Coralville last week, telling its 4-year-old operator and her dad that she didn't have a permit.

An officer told Abigail Krutsinger's father Friday that she couldn't run the stand as RAGBRAI bicyclers poured into Coralville.

A city ordinance says food vendors must apply for a permit and get a health inspection.

Abigail's dad, Dustin Krutsinger, said the ordinance and its enforcers are going too far if they force a 4-year-old to abandon her lemonade stand.

I suggest that Coralville, Iowa cut the police budget by 15 to 20% this year. That should get the attention of the morons that think that this was a valid use of their time. If we can't stop stupid politicians from passing stupid laws, we should stop the cops from enforcing them.

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written by TomC , August 03, 2011

Must be a Democrat union member trying to stop a business enterprise, a budding individual or entrepreneur, or at least an enterprising youth--part of the Obama Union Brigade. More zero-tolerance mindless law enforcement from the left.

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