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President Obama has deployed troops to central Africa to aid in the fight against the Lord's Resistance Army.  In a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner, Obama says 12 troops with "appropriate combat equipment" were deployed on October 12 and approximately 100 in total will be deployed including a second combat team and headquarters, communications and logistics personnel....

The troops will not fight except in self-defense.

Can anyone say Black Hawk Down?

It's been a while, but I had to share a little something with you all.

Chrsitina Hendricks on red carpet of I Don't Know How She Does It

Just plain burned out

Posted by: Jim W

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In the end, I already knew what I needed to do.  I was feeling obligated to put stuff up, even when I wasn't motivated to do it.  And that's the worst kind of blogging, IMO.  I appreciate  Jonny's comments, but to be frank - I was already done a while ago, I was just coasting on fumes. 

I need to walk away from this or I never will.  One of my many weaknesses is that I don't know when to quit.  If I'm doing something, I feel I need to do it right or not at all.  So I go all out.  And when something that is suppose to be fun ends up feeling like a job, and one that you don't really like, it's time to change it up.  I was part of the problem, so that's that. 

Bart takes Anti-Strib back; not sure what his plans are.  I'm outta here gang.  Thanks for the laughs and whatnot.  I'll be seeing some of you...to the rest, my best to you.  Maybe we'll meet at Keegan's someday, or maybe not.  In the end, we'll always have Don Roscoe.  :)


Let me tell you a little story

Posted by: Jim W

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Once upon a time, there was a local right leaning blog.  The bloggers on this site were referred to as "plate throwers" by a well known radio host and local blogger.  The blog received that name due to the nature of the comment threads and, at times, incendiary posts/topics covered on the blog.  Often times, it was no holds barred.  There were hot chicks, massive douchebags, and politics.  These were good times.  And it was fun. 

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, who convened an emergency security meeting shortly after the bombardment by North Korea, said that an "indiscriminate attack on civilians can never be tolerated."

"Enormous retaliation should be made to the extent that (North Korea) cannot make provocations again," he said.

North Korea bombarded a South Korean island near their disputed western border Tuesday, setting buildings ablaze and killing at least two marines and injuring 16 others after warning the South to halt military drills in the area, South Korean officials said.

Pouring salt on a fresh wound

Posted by: Jim W

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Nov 21 1  2  3  4  T  
Packers 0  17  7  7  31 «  
Vikings 3 0 0 0 3  

Yep, I'm an asshole.  Proud of it, too. 

The Top films of the 90's?

Posted by: Jim W

As I listened to KQ this morning, a large chunk of the 8AM hour was spent discussing a top ten list from www.screencrave.com which covered that sites best films from the 1990's.  I tend to agree with many of the films on the list, as many are among my favorites of all time.  But it reads a bit too much like a "cult favorites" list to me.  In my humble opinion, there are most definitely some that should have been listed.  So, here is their top ten...

Full disclosure - I don't watch Dancing with the Stars.  I wouldn't watch it, even with your eyes.  Watching Eliot Spitzer's new show seems more fun to me than tuning in to see "stars" dancing. 
Every morning at 5:45 AM, I workout at the gym, and inevitably my other early AM workout pals have the TV already tuned to a local news channel.  This "news" station always gives updates on who danced on and who got booted from Dancing with the Stars.  So I occasionally catch the wrap up as I stare forward at the TV while torturing myself on that stupid goddamned cross trainer.   It was just yesterday that I decided that I gave a shit about who was among the "finalists".

An upcoming Royal wedding

Posted by: Jim W

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Who gives a flying fuck.

Seriously, all the airtime devoted to this is ridiculous.  We live in America, for the love of pete.  If these assholes in the MSM are so fucking in love with the royals, then move to the other side of the pond and live with em.   I didn't care when his mother got married, and I couldn't care any less about this engagement.  I would rather listen to Kermit give a dissertation on the history of shrubs during the paleolithic era than watch one more fucking news story about Prince William and his pending nuptials.

That is all.

...You may be a Muslim

Posted by: Jim W

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1.    If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor...

     You may be a Muslim

Afghanistan: The Front Line

Posted by: Jim W

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Check out this video of life on the front line in Afghanistan.  Well worth taking the time to watch. 

Van Damme dancing

Posted by: Jim W

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Veteran's Day

Posted by: Jim W

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Thank you to all who have served and who are currently serving this great nation.  Your bravery and sacrifices cannot be repaid. 
"The Nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten." - Pres. Calvin Coolidge

Also, a special thanks to my father, my uncles, and my sister for serving.  My Dad and Uncles served during the Vietnam era - my dad in the early years of the war, and 2 of my Uncles were lifers.  I recently lost one of my uncles, who was an Army Ranger and co-wrote a detailed book about his time spent during Vietnam.  He passed away just a few years ago - a staunch libertarian and still as feisty as ever...and enjoyed his PBR.  :)  Another uncle is a retired Lt. Col. in the Army, also spent a great deal of time in Vietnam (and throughout SE Asia).  I had the opportunity to spend time with him recently, and he told story after story about his time throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.  One helluva guy.

Keith Olberman suspended

Posted by: Jim W

Just had this bit of news cross my screen...and I smiled.

Post election day open thread

Posted by: Jim W

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So what did you think were the big surprises?  Letdowns? 
I've got one word to describe my feelings on the matter - GRIDLOCK.  :)

Don't let their bullshit rhetoric fool you.

Muhammad is now the most popular boys name in...

Posted by: Jim W

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Can you guess where?

Our pal Jim ross has been commenting here for quite some time now.  This week he made the comparison between gubernatorial hopeful Tom Emmer and the boyband 98 Degrees.  That alone was funny as hell to me, as his logic was pretty spot on.  Here is his comment:

Is it just me?

Posted by: Jim W

Tarryl Clark.  You all know her...and if you don't, just think of a woman that, maybe 20 years ago, might have been attractive were you to bump into her in a dimly lit bar after you downed 3 pitchers of Hamms.  Oh yeah, and imagine that her voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, combined with a touch of Burgess Meredith. 
Yes, I'm being petty, but who gives a fuck.  I can't stand her.  Her platform blows, she stands for nothing other than party, and she wants nothing more than to grow government. 

Luke Bucklin and his boys - keep them in your thoughts

Posted by: Jim W

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I would assume  you all have heard about this story by now, but if not:

Searchers Wednesday were in a treacherous, remote and frigid swath of mountainous western Wyoming, resuming the hunt for a Minneapolis pilot, his three sons and the small airplane they were in when it vanished Monday.

Missing for more than 48 hours as of Wednesday afternoon were Luke Bucklin, president and co-founder of Sierra Bravo Corp., a Bloomington web development company, and his sons, 14-year-old twins Nate and Nick and 12-year-old Noah.

They left the Jackson Hole airport early Monday afternoon, on their way back to the Twin Cities from a family vacation.

Luke and his boys have been missing since Monday.  Searchers have been working hard both by air and by land to locate the missing plane, but haven't found anything yet.  Further complicating an already tough search in extreme conditions is a fresh layer of snow.  

This one hits especially close to home for one of our own here at the Anti-Strib, so let's do our part and send some good thoughts and prayers the way of the family and friends of Luke and his boys.   

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