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Luke Bucklin: additional

Posted by: Badda

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On behalf of the friends and family of Luke Bucklin I urge you all to say a prayer for Luke and his boys as well as the rescue crews.  It is most appreciated.

Thanks to Jim for the post earlier.

For additional information please check the family blog at where they have a FAQ, updates, as well as press releases from the search team.

Government Regulation Kills, Victims Become Invisible

Posted by: Badda

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Every week we here at the Anti-Strib get comments to one post or another from someone left of center who wants more government regulation.  The reasoning of these people probably leads them to believe that the government must protect the public, and regulation protects the public.  Regulation prevents, stops, or punishes fraud, negligence, and physical damage.

What kind of cold-hearted jackass wants to allow fraud, negligence, and physical damage?  If one of your names is Don Roscoe, you blame "whitey", Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party members... early and often.

Unfortunately, those people that call for regulation miss the unforeseen consequences of their actions.

Where's The Down-Side?

Posted by: Badda

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As far as I can tell, this is great news for everyone... unless you're an incumbent.

...voters even more dissatisfied with the state of the country than they were in '94 and 2006...

...exceptionally dismal numbers for Democrats: 49 percent of voters say they plan to vote for a Republican this fall, compared with just 43 percent who plan to support Dems...

Pre-Owned Book Store, Gently Used... By Biased Employees

Posted by: Badda

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Barnes & Noble is up for sale... how could such a huge company fall so far?

The simple explanation for Barnes & Noble's decline is the Internet, which spawned Amazon.com, e-readers and digital books. But that didn't have to be the end for B&N, which had a dominant market position and should have out-Amazoned Amazon, leveraging its brand and innovating when it began marketing and selling books online.

Surely, those are key factors, but the author might not have encountered the actions and attitude that I experienced... as well as a number of other book-lovers across our great nation.

Get Ready for More Soros-Smears on Target Corp.

Posted by: Badda

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Why does MoveOn.org intend to spend $35K for a week's worth of adds on three Minnesota TV stations as well as MSNBC?  To smear Target (click the link to buy something online).

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The ad urges consumers to boycott the retail chain for getting involved in elections.

Hot Chick Friday: Angie Dickinson revisited

Posted by: Badda

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We covered Angie Dickinson twice on the old Anti-Strib.  Hell, she was such a honey we might have covered here more times.

On making Oceans Eleven:

"Oh, it was wonderful. And I remember most of it."


Later this year, Miss Dickinson will turn 79.  They don't make 'em like her anymore.

(More below the fold.)


Messages From "Journalists" Show Plot to Kill Story on Rev. Wright

Posted by: Badda

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Anyone who whines or cries about left-wing media bias is paranoid, clutching at straws, and probably hates black people.

  • The Lewinsky story about President Clinton
  • The Swift Boat veterans' story about Sen. Kerry
  • Dan Rather's fake-but-accurate story about President G.W. Bush
  • The Al Gore masseuse story
  • The John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story
  • The Van Jones admission of missing the story
  • The networks ignoring the ACORN videos
  • The media focusing on trumped up charges of racism (and ignoring evidence to the contrary) in the Tea Party
  • The non-vetting of then presidential candidate Sen. Obama

Other than that, what evidence do you guys have?

According to records obtained by The Daily Caller, at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate. Employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.

(More below the fold)

Hot Chick Friday (one day early): Christina Hendricks

Posted by: Badda

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How long has it been since the last HCF?  Too long, and I can't wait for tomorrow.


Sci-Fi fans might remember Christina Hendricks from appearances in "Firefly" and "ER".  These days, folks know her for "Mad Men".


No matter if you haven't quite heard of her yet... you should simply recognize her for her wonderful curvy figure and sassy red hair. ;)

(Click the post title for the full post.  It's certainly safe for work.)

St. Joseph's Day: Italian Joke

Posted by: Badda

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With St. Patrick's Day behind us and today St. Joseph's Day, sort-of the Italian equivalent, how about something to honor the dagos... a fine Italian joke.

Badda Links

Posted by: Badda

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Maybe this might be a nice way to throw out a few topics and ideas for the day... a couple of links to stories that a contributor finds interesting or funny or absolutely unbelievable.

Sometimes Ed and Bart post links with the entire text of the pieces written... with little commentary until the comment section.  I tend to find that useless... however, perhaps with a couple more links and little if any quoting I might come round to their way of blogging.

Take a look at what I'm taking a look at:

Meet the New Boss

Posted by: Badda

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To Barth... enjoy your well-deserved relaxation.

To Jim... congratulations and good luck.

(Read on...)

KSTP: More Changes

Posted by: Badda

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Looks like the replacements for Bob Davis were temporary.  Bob's back subbing today and tomorrow (and then back to more subbing on other radio stations around the country) with a new KSTP set up on Monday.

Good move.  Those guys were lame.   Pity, Bob isn't back, but it sounds like he's doing well.

In the meanwhile, what's happening with the former home of Limbaugh in the Twin Cities?


Good News! Chris Stewart / Rahelio Soleil Stops Himself

Posted by: Badda

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Bold as day, I saw news online without even looking for it... our dear old friend, the race-baiting smear-artist Rahelio Soleil (sitting as Christ Stewart on the Minneapolis school board) is not going to run for his seat this year.

Congratulations, Ra-So / C-Stew.  We endorse this political move.


Read the blog piece: ChrisStewartResign!

Sensitive in the Extreme

Posted by: Badda

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According to The Times in England, a number of non-governmental organizations want to shy away from various phrases and sayings that might appear to include racist and sexist terms.  When one looks at some of the proposed changes one gets the impression that only gross misunderstandings of standard and colloquial English would lead anyone to interpret a racist or sexist meaning in the terms at hand.


Either that or the person would need to be a member of the perpetually offended class.

Shoe on the Other Left Foot

Posted by: Badda

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You should watch what you say.

Long-time readers might remember some of our more visible readers: Harold, Chris Stewart (who should resign), Peevish Boy and his legion of names (he HATES himself for reading the Anti-Strib!), and several others... many of who dropped off after they were no longer allowed to act like jackasses.

Perhaps you don't remember some of the more incendiary statements made by these folks. Just take a stroll to the former Anti-Strib blog and jump into the comments section to see how many baseless comments and unsubstantiated claims these folks made. They called conservatives, Republicans, and individuals like President G.W. Bush, President Reagan, Gov. Pawlenty, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and others evil, Nazis, Hitler, fascists, racists, and so on and so forth. Peevish / Penigma / PB (and whatever else he calls himself) carried the tradition on after G.W. left office and shows little sign of tempering his derangement.

Letters to the Star-Tribune: Head in the Clouds

Posted by: Badda

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I’ve always considered the Anti-Strib (and her gang of contributors) best served by sticking it to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune… as well as posting Hot Chick Friday features (especially classic ladies from their prime era like Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren). Surely, other contributors, subjects, and features make Anti-Strib worthwhile and unique, but I maintain that it’s chief goal should always involve holding the Strib’s feet to the fire.
For that reason, I enjoy looking at the letters they post. Most of those I post and comment upon are ridiculous… just ask our friend Ed. I don’t recall the last time we’ve feasted upon a letter with an idea that so completely misses the point… and in such a vacuous way.
Please do not read this while in the presence of sharp implements.


Try putting a song to the opposition's agenda

Lately, I have seen several town meetings on health care disrupted by a small group of people. To the rest of the people who would like to hear the speaker, I suggest simply start singing softly, "We Shall Overcome." Stay calm and just sing. It may not change a thing, but it's nonviolent, it may calm the storm and bring some harmony to the gathering.


Effective Government: Godless Commies

Posted by: Badda

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I know there are people who think China is our next major threat… bullshit.

Why?  Read on.

Cross-Blog Promotion: Chris Stewart

Posted by: Badda

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We should take the time to highlight other local blogs.  Like this blog:

Chris Stewart (building schools for a better Minneapolis): Statement regarding Burroughs Community School

And don't forget to see Chris Stewart Resign, too.

The blog quotes from a recent Twin Cities Daily Planet piece where Stewart actually says, "I’m probably not your board member and I’m OK with that".


Obviously, it's condensed... so you'll need to check the blog post for the full comment.

Credit where credit is due... even to the Star-Tribune. Don't think that attitude comes simple from Version 2.0 of the Anti-Strib... certainly not. We contributors were quite willing to pass praise and recognize points of view written with sense and tact. It seems all the more refreshing after reading yet another one of Tom Hammond's sniggering screeds from Woodbury.

Letter of the day: Coleman should look to Andersen for guidance

I was too foolish and young at the time to realize what a classy governor Elmer L. Andersen was when he conceded his narrow defeat to Karl Rolvaag back in 1963. Like Norm Coleman, he won, then lost in the recount. Unlike Coleman, though, he thought representation was more important than haggling over a few votes that were not clearly his. It was only as I grew older that I realized what a principled man he was. He is missed more than the man who defeated him.


Here's an interesting sleight-of-hand letter to the Strib.

Apparently, it is case closed... waterboarding is full fledged torture.  Disturbing yet ineffective... and the rest of you can all shut up.

Waterboarding: Try it, you won't like it
Pioneer Press

Updated: 05/28/2009 06:28:26 PM CDT

It seems that our age is characterized by radio and television talking heads who pompously pontificate about subjects they know little or nothing about. Empty-headed opinion is generally the rule of the day.

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