Another reason to hate Progressives (Liberals)

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An Interdependence Day Celebration for July 4

Faced with July 4th celebrations that are focused on militarism, ultra-nationalism, and “bombs bursting in air,” many American families who do not share those values turn July 4th into another summer holiday focused on picnics, sports, and fireworks, while doing their best to avoid the dominant rhetoric and bombast.

Only a commie, pinko, bastard liberal could try to turn Independence Day into Interdependence Day. Why do they hate the country that has given them so much? And why don't these losers just move to Cuba?

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written by Woody , July 02, 2011

In case you haven't noticed, I am a liberal and I am going to take the time this weekend to celebrate independence day by attending a small town parade with my family which is made up of both liberals and conservatives. I love them all and am greatly looking forward to celebrating the independence of our country with them. You may choose to observe this holiday by hating and driving wedges Bart and you truly have my sympathy. Go out and do something fun this weekend and celebrate the holiday with those closest to you and even some strangers. Theres a lot of great folks out there Bart. I wish you and everybody here a happr 4th of July.

Barthélemy Barbancourt
Have fun!
written by Barthélemy Barbancourt , July 02, 2011

My whole neighborhood will be in my backyard for a fireworks show this weekend. But it sure as hell isn't "Interdependence Day"

Yes, I still hate the assholes like this guy that hate our country. Anytime someone tells me that my fireworks show is militarism and Ultra-nationalism, they have proven that they just don't fucking get it and never will.

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