An Evening with Chris Barden

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I went to a gathering at a neighbor's home on Tuesday night for Chris Barden, Republican Candidate for Attorney General. Definitely a very genial person who want to end the 54 years of DFL AGs by beating Lori Swanson. He mentioned 29 states have filed suit against the feds over Obamacare and he would like to make Minnesota the 30th.

With Mark Ritchie and Lori Swanson we had 2 ACORN puppets who were in charge of the mismanaged election that put Al Franken in the Senate seat.  Between the rather uninspiring Norm Coleman, and their allowing felons, ballots from car trunks, ballots counted multiple times, hanging chads--oops wrong election, and the media circus to put a comedian in the Minnesota Senate seat.

Chris would like to require voters to show photo ID before voting, like Georgia--which just past another level of judicial muster, Indiana--which is being contested, and Florida--which is being contested. He would definitely like to get rid of Minnesota's vouch process, where an individual can bring in a group of people and vouch for them.

One particularly entertaining point was when one woman said she was offended at his calling the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare. He said it was less of a lie to call it ObamaCare than its legislature given name. Her reasonable sources of information were NPR and the Strib.

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It's not surprising
written by Don Roscoe , September 04, 2010

You think the Franken recount was mismanaged - your guy lost. By all measures, that recount is considered one of the most honest and efficient ever done for a Congressional race.

I think the broad from Florida is available. Her ineptness started us down the path to a failed economy and two wars.

written by TomC , September 04, 2010

Yes, Don, I think this election was mismanaged. And yes the actual recount had an air of being legitimate and above board.

The difference was every group that followed up the Florida election with full recounts ended with Bush in the lead. In this election the evidence since has been districts where more votes were counted than voters--all DFL strongholds, felons voting, ballots in car trunks for days, etc.

Similar to Florida was the lack of consistency between voting districts in how votes--both present and absentee--were allowed, evaluated, handled, counted, and recounted. Also similar to Florida is that legitimate fraud questions are always in Democrat-controlled areas. It also bothers me that military absentee ballots seem to be scrutinized more closely than others because of the more conservative leanings.

Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State during the 2000 recount, was given a bad rap by the media for just following the Florida laws. I guess she, like Ritchie, was using the law to influence the election in a direction that favored her candidate.

Close elections hopefully bring about changes in procedures. If Lori and Mark were doing their jobs, there would be an evaluation of election short-comings and changes made. I have seen some standards changes for handling of absentee ballots, but nothing to change who votes. Felons and illegals can still vote with simply a vouch from someone. Ballots in someone's trunk for 3 days may still be counted.

written by TomC , September 04, 2010

One other point.

There does not seem to be any incentive for Democrats to want clean and fair elections because all the shady practices favor them. Practices like felons and illegals voting, over-scrutinizing military ballots, not requiring photo IDs to vote--not just to register, handling of absentee ballots, ballot box stuffing in urban areas, ACORN practices too many to name, and busing of "urban outdoorsman" (hat tip to Neal Boortz) to voting precincts and vouching for their legitimacy, to name just a few. What reason would a Democrat have for wanting to correct these shortcomings?

written by Kermit , September 04, 2010

Katherine Harris "started us down the path to a failed economy and two wars".
Wow. And I thought Mark Dayton was a congenital idiot.

Didn't Know
written by kow , September 04, 2010

I had no clue (forget your combacks...too easy) that it was legal to vouch for some one in this state. Even though I'm registered and have voted many times in my current location, they go through a couple questions only I would or should know then cross me off their list.

written by Nobody , September 05, 2010

Photo ID. Upheld by the SCOTUS. No reason not to have it in MN. Stuart Smalley is a joke. The recount was a joke and we all know it.

 tim-The Dyslexic Blogger
written by tim-The Dyslexic Blogger , September 05, 2010

As I said after the recount the senat just got a court jester or Minnesota is missing a fool, and so far every thing he has done has only proven it as such.

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